Numbers 16:1-3

Korah’s Rebellion Leads to Death


Numbers 16:1-3 now Korah the son of Izhar the son of Kohath, the son of Levi with Dathan and Abiram the sons of Eliab and On the son of Peleth sons of Reuben took action and they rose up before Moses together with some of the sons of Israel two hundred and fifty leaders of the congregation chosen in the assembly men of renown they assembled together against Moses and Aaron and said to them you have gone far enough for all the congregation are holy every one of them and the LORD is in their midst so why do you exalt yourselves above the assembly of the LORD we see a very dangerous thing here that Korah and his followers did not understand and that is this rebellion against authority always results in severe problems the reason is this it’s actually idolatry do you know what Korah said in his heart his problem was not that he didn’t trust Moses and Aaron his problem was that he did not trust God to work through Moses and Aaron the reason I say rebellion is idolatry is what it’s actually saying is I think that this leader above me who is my authority is more powerful than God as a matter of fact this person is making such a mistake it’s going to destroy my destiny that is absolutely not true that’s why Paul said in Romans 13 all authority comes from God not all authorities come from God but authority is a thing it comes from God God uses human authority and when we don’t understand that when we exult an authority in our lives to such a place that we believe that God cannot remove that authority we don’t believe that God could work through that authority but we endow that authority with so much power that he’s more powerful than God then we’re in idolatry that’s exactly what Korah did and that was so displeasing to God that he lost his life over it the Bible says the earth opened up swallowed him up so what’s critical today is to understand this every one of us serve authorities that sometimes are unjust sometimes are foolish sometimes don’t make wise decisions here’s what I want you to know today you can trust God beyond your boss beyond your pastor beyond any authority that you perceive to be unjust God will work through that authority to accomplish His purpose in you am I saying that you just sit there and allow somebody to abuse you or to do evil things against you no, not necessarily when Saul was throwing javelins and spears trying to kill David David did not remain in the palace David went out of the palace away from Saul but David in his heart never dishonored the authority of Saul to the day Saul died David refused to lift a finger against him and he had many opportunities that’s the lesson that Korah did not learn he did rise up against Moses and lost his life so the question today is what authorities has God put in your life do you trust God more than that authority that God will accomplish his purpose in you and God will use that authority to accomplish His purposes well let’s just pray father I pray today for each person watching this particular time right now Father that we would understand that you are more powerful than every authority and God I pray blessing upon each person today in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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