Hebrews 12:15

Eliminate the Root of Bitterness


Hebrews 12:15 see to it that no one comes short of the grace of God that no root of bitterness springing up causes trouble and by it many be defiled it says here we need to be careful about roots of bitterness in our life a root of bitterness comes when somebody offends us somebody hurts us or lies about us and we judge them and a root of bitterness gets in the heart I find this is very common in families that’s the hardest place not to judge when a father or mother wounds you or hurts you or a person in your family wounds you offends you hurts you it’s very easy to judge that person when we judge we set up a root of bitterness and what that does is the Bible just …. we just read it defiles many many people how does it do that when you judge somebody and let bitterness get in your heart it creates an emotional focus in your heart of the very qualities that you hated in that person your soul is like a camera unfortunately a camera reproduces an image of whatever it’s focused on anybody that’s ever been on a diet knows that the more you say all the things you’re not going to eat I’m not going to eat chocolate ice cream I’m not going to eat a big steak for dinner all the things you say you’re not going to eat your mind focuses on and gives power to those things and they become stronger and stronger and stronger temptations in your life so whatever we focus on we tend to reproduce that’s just how the soul the mind will and emotions work and so when you allow bitterness to come in your heart you judge somebody you create an emotional focus on the qualities you hated in that person the consequence of that is that you have a great tendancy to reproduce in your own life or potentially in the life of a person you would marry the very qualities that you hated in your father or mother how many times have we heard somebody who’s been married 20 years who had vowed in their heart I’ll never be like my father and their wife will say you’re just like your father or you’re just like your mother someone will say to another person how does that work it works through this principle that we defile many let me give you a very simple example suppose there’s a young man growing up and his mother is obese, overweight he judges her in his heart and he says I’ll never marry a woman like my mother who has no self control and no discipline who looks like her and suppose over here is a young woman growing up who has a very critical father and she says I’ll never marry a man like my dad who just criticizes everything I do these two grow up with a judgement in their heart toward their parents with bitterness in their heart as a root and they marry each other without realizing it this young man is going to see his wife through the image of his mother this young woman is going to see her husband through the image of her father and let’s say this young woman is a great cook she begins to cook some wonderful food but it’s a little bit too rich for her her husband thinks wow she’s not only beautiful she’s got an incredible figure because what kind of woman did he chose to marry one that looked not like his mom and what kind of man did she choose to marry one who is not critical who is accepting, loving and kind the food she cooks is a little too rich for her she gains a few pounds her husband sees that red flags, alarm bells warning horns are going off in him Oh Oh she’s starting down that road to becoming overweight just like my mom so he tries the subtle approach and he tells her honey, you know I saw a new health club open up near by why don’t we join it and get some exercise how does she hear that through the image of her father because of the bitterness in her heart toward her dad she hears that as criticism and alarm bells and warning flags go off in her mind Oh Oh my husband is starting to criticize me she doesn’t say anything but it puts added pressure on her and what happens to women sometimes when they’ve got extra stress and pressure on their life you’re right they eat in between meals and that’s what she does she gains a few extra pounds now the warning horns and bells are really going off in the husband and he says the subtle approach didn’t work he says to her honey I’ve noticed you’ve gained a few extra pounds recently let’s go to the health club and work on this and she says stop criticizing me obviously I know I’ve gained some pounds I’m not blind I’m working on it now leave me alone and he says yeah but you’re not working on it you’re gaining more she says I know what the.. I’m working on it just leave me alone and he says if you don’t do something about this pretty soon you’re going to be just like my mom and she says well if you keep criticizing me like that you’re going to turn out just like my dad do you know that there is a cycle that’s been set in motion in the marriage of these two people now they’re defiling other people and it won’t just stop with marriage they will defile many other people that they work with people in the congregation they go to friendships that root of bitterness will defile many that’s what Hebrews 12:15 says and if somebody doesn’t intercept that couple we will end up in a couple of years with a very overweight wife and a very critical husband because of the cycle they set in motion as result of the bitterness in their hearts so you can’t afford to allow bitterness to come in your heart if someone has offended you somebody at work or somebody in your congregation where you go to church or somebody has offended you in your family it’s critical to come to the LORD and forgive them let the blood of Yeshua be enough to pay for what that person has done so would you just ask the LORD even right now Father is there somebody who’s offended me that I’m bitter toward somebody who stole from me somebody who cheated me and I’m struggling with bitterness would you just ask God Father would you show each one of us and if God brought somebody to your mind would you just speak a prayer of forgiveness you can just say this Father that person who hurt me offended me they can’t pay for what they did Yeshua you did pay and today I acknowledge your blood is enough and because of your blood I choose to forgive and now you say the name of that person I forgive ___________ you say their name and let God complete that work in your heart would you also just repent of that bitterness just say Father I repent of the bitterness that I allowed in my heart toward that person I renounce it and I give it to you forgive me in the name of Yeshua I encourage you to walk that way everyday the moment you recognize an offense or bitterness come before the LORD release it let the blood of Yeshua Ha Mashiach Jesus the Messiah be enough to pay for it and forgive that person I’m sure that even this very day you may have an opportunity to be tested in that area as you go through your life today there may be somebody that offends you don’t allow a root of bitterness to grow up in your heart and defile many forgive


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