1 John 2:28

Have Confidence Before the Lord


1 John 2:28 now little children abide in Him so that when He appears we may have confidence and not shrink away from Him in shame at His coming when I read that many years ago the LORD spoke to me this is not just talking about the second coming of Messiah but He said I’m coming to you today and I want to know when I come to you today to meet with you are you going to shrink away in shame because of something you’ve done something you’re fearful of something you don’t want me to know something you want to fix in your life or are you going to boldly come toward me and what I realized is that everyday we have a choice all of us do things that we’re ashamed of or things periodically that are mistakes or sin things we wish we wouldn’t have done when you sin you have a choice of one of two things you can run to the LORD bring it into light before Him and let Him forgive you let the blood of Messiah cleanse you or you can shrink away in shame hide and try to fix it yourself there’s a compelling force to want to shrink away to want to hide shame is a very very powerful powerful force I think it’s like an emotional HIV virus it gets on the inside and destroys your spiritual and emotional immune system shame is very different from guilt guilt is a good thing guilt is part of your conscience God gave you guilt guilt is the feeling I made a mistake shame is the feeling I am a mistake if I made a mistake I can repent I can be forgiven I can change if I am a mistake I can’t repent of me I can’t get rid of my being guilt is a wrongness of action shame is a wrongness of being the devil always want to convert guilt into shame sometimes parents even put shame on their children they say shame on you really what they mean is you need to feel guilty because you did something wrong but when we say shame on you what we’re doing is imparting the devil’s message you have no value you’re a worthless person it’s your being that is defective not your action not what you did many times people heard that all their growing up life, shame on you you’re a shame to us you’re a shame to the name of Jesus what does it do it causes people to shrink away in fear to shrink away in shame not to want to see the LORD what shame causes people to do is want to control everything in their life perfectionism comes from shame anger comes from shame because when anything goes wrong and gets out of control if I have to control everything if something gets out of control anger rises up so shame is the root of anger shame causes me to want to control and then shame causes me to want to defend myself at the expense of other people and so what I believe the LORD is saying today is He’s saying when I come to you today will you shrink away in shame try to hide and try to fix yourself or are you willing to open come to me expose to me all the imperfections all the things that are wrong and let me forgive you let me pay for everything you’ve done wrong that is why Messiah Jesus came Yeshua Ha Mashiach came to die to be raised from the dead to shed His blood to forgive every bit of your sin so yes when I do wrong I should feel guilty but not full of shame not to shrink away if I’m guilty I come, I repent, I’m forgiven now I can come before the LORD with confidence one of the things that causes people to shrink away in shame is many people are afraid God is going to be angry with them and why because that’s the way their parents were they grew up with people yelling at them being angry at them if they did anything wrong and I just want to tell you this God is not like that God is not angry God is holding His arms open saying come to me I want to heal you I want to forgive you I want to cleanse you I want to restore to you that’s who God is I just encourage you to ask God is there an area Father where I’ve been operating in shame is there something where I’ve been shrinking away trying to fix my own addiction to pornography fix my own addiction to food or fix my own wrong behavior in this area or that area my anger or whatever the truth is you can’t do that the only way you’ll ever get free is to come before Him acknowledge yes I have a problem in this area LORD I can’t heal myself I can’t fix myself I need your forgiveness I need your healing your cleansing your restoration if you’ll do that it’ll powerfully change your life I just pray for you today Father I pray that you’d show each one of us any area where we have been shrinking away in shame trying to fix ourselves Father forgive us and God we want to come boldly before your throne and ask for your help for your grace for your mercy for your empowerment in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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