Numbers 21:7-9

Yeshua Lifted Up is Our Healer


Shabbat Shalom today would you just let all the cares of the world everything around you go and enjoy this Shabbat with the LORD and your family Let’s look at Numbers 21:7-9 so the people came to Moses and said we have sinned because we have spoken against the LORD and you intercede with the LORD that He may remove the serpents from us and Moses interceded for the people then the LORD said to Moses make a fiery serpent and set it on a standard and it shall come about that everyone who is bitten when he looks at it, he will live and Moses made a bronze serpent and set it on the standard and it came about that if a serpent bit any man when he looked to the bronze serpent, he lived this is a picture of Yeshua being lifted up on the tree crucified, dead, risen from the dead and when you look upon Him there’s healing that comes to you as a covenant promise by the blood that Yeshua shed and this is the point when serpents come and bite you they inflict poison you may go through circumstances everyday and poisons inflicted upon you might be bitterness from somebody else it might be sickness it might be injustice coming upon you what do you do look to the one who is raised up on the tree who died who shed His blood who rose from the dead Yeshua Ha Mashiach Jesus the Messiah He gave His life for you that you might be healed from bitterness that you might be made whole that you might be healed from sickness and that is the message today it’s a covenant promise God does not act randomly or mysteriously He acts absolutely consistent with His character and His word when we read this passage today it’s a type it’s an image a prophetic image that was given to Moses and to Israel of what Yahweh would do through Messiah Jesus that He would be raised up when you look upon Him it releases His healing power today if you need healing look to the one who’s been raised up look to Yeshua Messiah the one who gave His blood for you the one who took sickness upon Himself that you might have health the one that took upon Himself shame, destruction, devastation that you might have the opposite today is your day for a divine exchange look to the one who’s been lifted up who’s been raised up today and as you do that bring life, bring healing to people around you God bless you Shabbat Shalom


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