Psalm 119:89-90

God’s Word is Forever Settled


Psalm 119:89-90 forever, O LORD Your word is settled in heaven Your faithfulness continues throughout all generations You established the earth, and it stands God’s word never changes it says in Psalms 138:2 that God exults His word above his name that’s an incredible statement right there that God so honors His word He values it more highly than His name and in Hebrew understanding a man’s name depicts his Character his very being and God says my word is more important to me than my very being than my very nature, than my name what that means is that God will always honor His word if you find out what God said you can know what God is going to do God does not move in strange and mysterious ways God moves according to His word He will do exactly what He said He will do if you heard the polar ice caps were melting and it was going to cause a global flood you could know that that’s not from God God is not doing that how would you know that because God gave a promise to Noah He said I will never again flood the earth that’s His word that’s a promise you can know it’s 100% certain if you hear that’s happening you can know it’s not God stand against it don’t receive it what I find is that many times people are confused they don’t know what’s God they don’t know what’s the devil so many times people end up receiving in their own lives the very things that are not from God that are the devil because they’re confused they don’t know God’s word but is says forever His word is settled in heaven and we grab hold of what God has said what God has spoken by faith bring it into manifestation on the earth just a little picture an image God gave me one time every one of us are like television receivers a television set it does not create anything all it does is manifest something that comes to it either by cable or it used to be through the air television waves, rabbit ears but mainly probably by cable today a television receiver a television set doesn’t have any capability to create anything it just receives and brings into manifestation the signal that comes to it and God’s word beamed out of heaven for your life what God says do you know that God has a plan for your finances God has a plan for your relationships God has a plan for your life for your physical health for your future, for your career for your ministry God has a plan it’s been beamed out of heaven like a television wave and your job is to be a good television receiver to receive the word that God has already beamed out and to manifest it a word beamed out of a television or a signal beamed out of a television station is of no value if it doesn’t find a receiver it goes forth from the station but if it doesn’t find a receiver there’s no manifestation on the other hand if there’s just a television set a receiver with no signal coming to it it also is of no value it can’t manifest or create anything if you’ve got a combination of God’s word being beamed out like a signal that hits your television receiver and by faith you grab hold of it and manifest it that is how miracles take place it says God’s word is already settled in heaven God has an incredible word for your life God has things He’s already spoken to you there are things that you already know in your heart God has spoken to you some people have gotten discouraged and said I’ve been waiting and waiting and God’s word has never come to pass God’s word will not return to Him void without accomplishing the purpose for which it was sent what that means is God’s word was settled in heaven God’s word will not return to Him until it accomplishes its purpose the word that God gave you I encourage you today grab hold of it trust God that He will do exactly what He said He would do in His life, in your life excuse me His word has already been settled in heaven but there’s a battle on earth to bring it into manifestation the enemy can’t stop the word of God for your life coming forth from God His battle is to stop you from grabbing hold of it and bringing it into manifestation on this earth what word has God given you let’s just stop would you just stop close your eyes for a moment and just pray Father what word have you given me just listen listen in the spirit Lord what word have you spoken to me that you want to bring into manifestation now take that word that God just spoke that thought that came to your mind that you know came from God grab hold of it and say LORD I agree with that what do you want me to do and God’s word has been settled in heaven God will bring to pass in your life what He told you so this day as you go through your life fight for that word grab hold of it, expect it with great confidence to come to pass love God with all your heart bless people around you you will make a difference


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