Numbers 22:31-32

Discernment is Listening in the Spirit


Shabbat Shalom you know the purpose of Shabbat is to set aside a day that is dedicated to Yahweh and a day that is dedicated from all the other cares and concerns so for the next 24 hours for this day would you let Go the financial pressures the relational pressures everything you’ve got as a matter of fact sometimes I like to gather up all those things the pressures in my life and just release them and for this day they don’t exist I’ll pick them all back up tomorrow and begin working on all the things I need to work on but today that’s what Shabbat means that’s why the word says endeavor to enter into His rest today is the day to do that let’s look at Numbers 22:31-32 then the LORD opened the eyes of Balaam and he saw the angel of the LORD standing in the way with his drawn sword in his hand and he bowed all the way to the ground the angel of the LORD said to him why have you struck your donkey these three times? behold I have come out as an adversary because your way was contrary to me very interesting passage God used a donkey that had greater discernment than the human that was riding him many times God will use people in our lives that will discern that will understand things sometimes our children understand and see things we don’t understand I know many many times in my marriage Jan my wife has spiritual discernment that I don’t have she sees certain people she says I don’t think we should be involved with that person there’s something wrong there let’s not get involved in business with that person let’s be careful of that person many times there have been financial decisions where Jan discerned something in the spirit that was a reason to do something or not to do something that I did not see we want to take stock of people that God has put in our lives around us those that are friends those that are wise counselors people in your own family your husband, your wife your children, your parents God will use them to give wisdom to you in this case God even used a donkey that Balaam was riding and Balaam was going in a direction that was contrary to God and didn’t know it if you were doing something that was contrary to what God was telling you to do, wanted you to do wouldn’t you want to know about that of course today the message is open your eyes let God show you things in the spirit we want to see in spirit and truth truth comes from the word but we want to discern in the spirit what is God saying to us today maybe He’ll use people around us in our lives that have spiritual discernment that have wisdom they may not even know that what they’re sharing with us is something from God but God will use people in your life today to bring wisdom to you to bring discernment to you hopefully He won’t have to use your dog or your cat or your donkey to speak to you hopefully you’ll have a little more discernment to pick it up before it has to go that far for God to actually use an animal but that is indeed exactly what happened with Balaam today is the day to listen in the spirit watch in the spirit see not only in the natural but see what God is saying I just sense that God is saying to someone today you’ve only been looking in the natural and you see two negative things there’s this choice which is bad and this choice which is bad here’s what I believe the LORD says to you today there is a third alternative that you have not seen if you will press in to God God will open that up to you and show you what is His third alternative today is the day to press in seek God and listen in the spirit God bless you Shabbat Shalom


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