Philippians 3:9

His Righteousness is Mine by Faith


Philippians 3:9 and may be found in Him not having a righteousness of my own derived from the Law but that which is through faith in Christ the righteousness which comes from God on the basis of faith what Paul is telling us here in Philippians is that my righteousness is not based on anything that I do my righteousness is based on what Yeshua did or did not do when you go to stand before God ultimately the question is not did you sin or not sin the question is did Yeshua sin or not sin because by covenant when you receive Him and enter into covenant you are in Him it’s like you come under His covering you’re under His authority and the question is did He sin or not here’s the wonderful thing the answer is no Yeshua never sinned and when you come into covenant with Him His righteousness becomes yours what that means is I am righteous that’s not just a legal standing here’s what you need to understand when you’re born again when you pass from death to life darkness to light in your spirit your spirit is instantly made a new creation instantly filled not with some of the righteousness of Jesus not with 99% of His righteousness 100% of His righteousness becomes yours your spirit is made 100% righteous and the only issue after that is do you choose to identify with the righteousness of Yeshua Messiah in your spirit or do you choose to identify with the sin of your flesh manifesting through your soul that is a choice so what does it mean for example when I sin Paul said the most amazing thing in Romans 7 he said when I sin I’m not really the one who did it doesn’t that sound sort of irresponsible it’s like Paul what do you mean what he is saying is this sin is like a speck of dust that gets in my eye and yes I allow it there but I remove it I repent of it, I renounce it but I will never identify with it I will never walk around and go well seeing is just like this I guess there’s nothing I can do about it and with your eye watering no no no that is not the truth of what seeing is I’m going to remove that thing that is a foreign object here’s what you need to understand sin is a foreign object does not belong in your life shouldn’t be there let it be removed and repent of it, renounce it receive forgiveness by the blood of Messiah and then don’t identify with it don’t identify with the sin what do you identify with righteousness, thank you Father I am righteous thank you LORD I am pure thank you LORD I am your son I am your daughter that’s the truth that’s what Paul is saying is I identify with righteousness that doesn’t come because of what I did here’s the most amazing thing on the naughtiest most sinful evil day of your life in Him you are still righteous I’m not saying that sin is acceptable I’m not saying that you don’t need to repent what I am saying is your righteousness in your spirit is still the truth about who you are on the naughtiest day of your life on the most evil day of your life and it’s your choice whether you identify with sin that just manifest or whether you identify with Jesus the Messiah and His righteousness it’s your choice you get to choose your identification who am I am I that righteous spirit that God has recreated me to be or am I that sinful flesh person man or woman that rises up and manifests through me and a part of breaking bondage I found to break a bondage an addictive bondage is to stop identifying with the bondage stop identifying with the alcohol stop identifying with the pornography stop identifying with the depression stop identifying with the shame identify with His righteousness which has been made manifest in your spirit and make sure that you identify that’s the truth of who I am if you will do that it will be life changing for you today I want to pray for you Father I pray today for every person watching this video that today is a breaking of identification with the sin of the past with the flesh and an embracing of the righteousness that comes based on faith not based on what I do or don’t do righteousness based on what Jesus did and the fact that He did not sin Father we embrace that today in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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