Romans 11: 17-21

Why Aren’t Their Statistics Our Statistics?


Romans 11:17-21 but if some of the branches were broken off and you being a wild olive were grafted in among them and became partaker with them of the rich root of the olive tree do not be arrogant toward the branches but if you are arrogant remember that it is not you who supports the root but the root supports you you will say then branches were broken off so that I might be grafted in quite right, they were broken off for their unbelief but you stand by your faith do not be conceited, but fear for if God did not spare the natural branches He will not spare you either what Paul is telling us here is that many of us me included are gentiles not Jewish by origin not Jewish by blood but gentiles by natural origin that people like me have been grafted in to this olive tree which was originally Hebrew a Hebrew olive tree how did we get grafted in? by the blood of Jesus the Messiah we become part or partakers of a covenant that Jeremiah 31:31 talked about which is behold the days are coming when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel with the house of Judah I’m almost 100% Norwegian it didn’t say I’ll make a covenant with the house of Olie or the house of Sven it said with the house of Israel and the house of Judah how did I come in to the benefit and privilege of this covenant by the blood of Jesus the Messiah Yeshua Ha Mashiach we’re grafted in to that olive tree but here’s what I realized there are many ancient paths I call them ancient paths from Jeremiah 6:16 ways of God that much of the gentile many gentile believers have absolutely forsaken turned away from the consequence of that is we don’t prosper in this earthly life the same way natural born Jewish people do and we could and we should we’re grafted in to their olive tree let me just read you some amazing amazing statistics I got this from a book written by a Jewish man Thomas Silbiger called the Jewish Phenomenon and here’s what he said the percentage of Jewish people in the United States makes up only 2% of our U.S population but yet 20% of all the professors at leading Universities in the U.S are Jewish 25% of all American Nobel Prize winners are Jewish 30% of Nobel prize winners in Science are Jewish 40% of the top 40 of the Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans virtually every year are Jewish in other words the top billionaires of people that are financially prosperous are Jewish 40% of the partners at leading New York and Washington D.C Law firms are Jewish why is that such a tiny percentage of the population is Jewish only 2% yet many of the movie studios in Hollywood are owned by Jewish people why is that Jewish people seem to prosper in almost every area of society and I believe of course they’re God’s chosen people we understand that from scripture but another thing they walk in some of the ancient paths that most of the gentile believers have forgotten one of the things that Jewish people do on a regular basis they bless their children Jewish people have a common custom of blessing their children on Shabbat on Friday night they have a meal together after the meal they bless their children they look each one in the eyes and they tell them the good things in their life tell them the character qualities they see, give them vision speak over them bless them if we would do the same thing I believe that we would see the same kind of statistics as those that are part of the natural olive tree we’re grafted into that tree we should have the same statistics we have a covenant that is better by the blood of Messiah than those who only have Torah and don’t have Messiah our statistics should be better so why not start a habit like that in your life this week why not have a meal together on Friday night on Shabbat bless your children every Friday night look them in the eyes tell them you love them if you’ve hurt them during the week repent, ask them to forgive you and then look each one of your sons and daughters in the eyes bless them give them vision tell them good things about their life tell them things from the word of God tell them what God has shown you about them and bless your children if we do that we’ll see the same kind of statistics we are grafted in to that olive tree which is rooted and grounded in Yahweh Himself in His love, in His grace and His power I encourage you start that habit this week bless your children while you’re at it love God with all your heart bless other people around you besides your family and you will make a difference in your society


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