John 4:23-24

We Must Worship in Spirit and Truth


John 4:23-24 but an hour is coming and now is when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers God is spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth Yeshua said that the Father is seeking those who worship in spirit and truth we call the name of this little daily video devotional Daily Spirit and Truth why because we need both of those every singe day we need a revelation from the word of God which is truth and then we need direction from Holy Spirit to guide us and lead us every single day on the truth side it’s like a balance scale on this side we’re perceiving in the spirit walking in the spirit on this side are basic life principles that you cannot violate without a consequence let me give you an example how many would like to fly in an airplane with a charismatic pilot who’s just lead by the spirit but doesn’t really walk in the truth what I mean by that is you ask this pilot what speed do you take off at and he says I don’t know it’s different everytime the co pilot and I we just pray in tongues as we go down the runway when we feel lead we just sort of lift off how much weight does this airplane carry I don’t know we just sort of pray in advance and whatever we feel like it’s going to be that’s how how much we put on the airplane that day it varies from day to day how high what altitude do you fly at well the airplane could fly anywhere between sea level or ground level and 40,000 feet so what we usually do is we just take our Bible and there’s 40 chapters in Exodus so we just sort of turn to the book of Exodus and then we sort of let it fall open to whatever chapter is it and like if it’s chapter 35 that it fell open to we fly at 35,000 feet and if it’s 27 we fly at 27,000 ft and that’s how we choose our altitude we just want to be lead by the spirit would you want to fly with that pilot of course not, why because he’s violating basic truth principles on the other hand would you want to fly with a pilot who only knows all the basic principles but he doesn’t hear from God he’s not lead by the spirit you know what I would really like one who knows both one who abides by the manufacturers handbook for the airplane in the truth principles but as he’s flying he can hear in the spirit don’t fly on this route it’s dangerous today instead fly over that route that’s what all of us want we want to be lead by the spirit but operate in truth I find for example a good example is in financial principles a lot of people think that they’re going to faith their way out of behavior they behaved their way in to what I mean by that is somebody violates basic principle takes on massive amounts of debt for example and then thinks somehow or another by faith it’s all going to work out no we have to abide by basic principles that we find in the word of God that’s the truth this is the manufacturers handbook or for an example if we use a car handbook you can’t just run your car out of oil and then believe that God will supernaturally restore the engine when it seizes up because you’ve run it out of oil no there’s a basic truth principle you need to put oil in the car you need to change the oil I’ve heard stories of a missionary for example out in a remote location running out of gas and praying and God supernaturally filling the gas tank so he can get to the next location you’ve probably heard stories like that too that’s a supernatural occurrence but would you expect that missionary to return to his home base and say I don’t have to put gasoline in my car anymore I just expect God to fill up the tank or somebody to say I don’t drink water anymore because God just supernaturally gives me what I need no your body needs water your car needs gasoline there can be supernatural instances of outpourings of God’s mercy in a dire situation where God will violate natural principles as it were with the supernatural but we need to walk in basic principles of truth and walk in the spirit we want to walk in both sides so that’s why Yeshua said the Father is seeking those who worship in spirit and truth and that’s why I named the daily devotional Daily spirit and truth so I encourage you today is there an area of truth that you need to walk in that the Father is speaking to you and an area of spirit that you need to embrace by faith to hear and believe that you can hear God speaking to you I just want to pray Father I pray today for my brother for my sister as you go through your day today I pray that you would be anointed by the Holy spirit to expect miracles in your life people you pray for today will receive miracles you’ll hear from the voice of the LORD go this way and not that way but yet today you will walk in truth principles in your work in your family in your daily life in the mighty name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach Jesus the Messiah Amen


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