Numbers 25:10-13

Are You Zealous for the Lord’s Sake?


Numbers 25:10-13 then the LORD spoke to Moses, saying Phinehas the son of Eleazar the son of Aaron the priest has turned away My wrath from the sons of Israel in that he was jealous with My jealousy among them so that I did not destroy the sons of Israel in My jealousy therefore say behold I give him My covenant of peace and it shall be for him and his descendants after him a covenant of a perpetual priesthood because he was jealous for his God and made atonement for the sons of Israel Shabbat Shalom this passage is talking about Phinehas the priest who was zealous for the name of the LORD he saw people violating things that God had spoken contaminating the congregation and he put a stop to it he was zealous for the name of the LORD in today’s culture people aren’t really zealous for the name of the LORD people are afraid of what people think people are much more fearful of the opinions of others than they are to stand up for what is right to stand up for the name of the LORD I believe the word for today is God is calling us to be zealous on His behalf a lot of people are zealous on their own behalf if they get cheated or somebody lies about them they’re zealous to make that right but God is saying today no no no I will take care of your name I’ll take care of your reputation I’ll take care of your money if somebody cheats you forgive them I’ll make it right you know what we are supposed to be zealous for not for ourselves for the name of the LORD for His glory for His honor for His purpose not that we go and wound and hurt other people and use the word of God to cut people to ribbons I’m not talking about that what I’m saying is that we live our life in such a way that we hold to the standards of the word of God that sometimes we’re called to stand alone even when people around us reject us even when people reject the word of God we’re moving in a day in our culture where more and more people are rejecting clear statements in the word of God and sometimes we’re called to stand like Phinehas did to make a proclamation or a declaration or to stand in the place where we have to stand alone and be jealous for the name of the LORD in 1991 my wife Jan and I were pastoring a church and we had to make a decision at that time to stand for the covenant of marriage in our congregation and I realized that this could cause a big disruption in the congregation so much so that actually we might lose the church over this particular issue of covenant in marriage and we had to consider it what happens if the church falls apart or what happens if everybody leaves or what happens if they kick us out we felt like what God was calling us to do was to be jealous for His name jealous for His honor for His word, for His image which was contained in marriage and so we taught for many weeks before we said what we needed to say in terms of asking the church to take a stand for the value of covenant in marriage against the value of contract which was permeating our society when we did that I think we lost maybe 3 or 4 families we had thought we might lose the whole church just the opposite of what we feared happened we lost only a few families and we gained many more families that wanted to be a part of a church that stood for the value of covenant there are times when God calls everyone of us to be like Phinehas to take a stand for what we know is right to stand for His name His glory to be jealous for God my question today is is there an area in your life where God is calling you to be jealous for your God even to be jealous after His glory to be jealous after miracles to be jealous to see His name upheld and to see His glory and power work through your life I invite you to pray Father make us jealous for your name make us a people who are jealous for who you are for your glory, for your power for your righteousness for your kingdom in our midst Father make us that people in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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