2 Corinthians 12:7-10

How to Release God’s Dunamis Power in Your Life.


2 Corinthians 12:7-10 unless I should be exulted above measure by the abundance of the revelations a thorn in the flesh was given to me a messenger of Satan to buffet me lest I be exalted above measure concerning this thing I pleaded with the Lord three times that it might depart from me and He said to me my grace is sufficient for you for my strength is made perfect in weakness therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me therefore I take pleasure in the infirmities, in reproaches in needs, in persecutions in distresses for Christ’s sake for when I am weak, then I am strong I want to focus today on just this last part this word that’s translated infirmity in this version doesn’t mean sickness has nothing to do with sickness a lot of times people interpret that to be sickness sickness no that’s not what it’s talking about it’s the Greek word astheneia astheneia simply means this an inability to produce results and so Paul is saying here I am God has given me incredible revelation He’s trying to lift me up that I can share the revelation satan doesn’t want that revelation shared doesn’t want me exulted or lifted up at all so he sent a messenger to buffet me to beat me down to stop me I cried out to the LORD 3 times that it might depart and the Lord’s answer was stop begging for something that I’ve already done don’t beg me to do what I’ve already given you authority to do the fact of the matter is my grace which is my empowering presence my ‘charis’ is sufficient ‘arkeo’ enough to ward off to eliminate to dispatch the problem my grace is sufficient for you He said for my strength that’s dunamis power supernatural power of God is released how through your astheneia your inability to produce results your weakness and Paul says in verse 10 therefore I take pleasure in this inability to produce results most of the time you think God this is horrible I’ve got no ability in and of myself to produce any results in this area I can’t deliver myself I can’t fix my marriage I can’t heal myself I can’t heal anybody else in my family I can’t accomplish financial results I can’t get out of debt on my own I’m powerless everyone of us face frustrations in our lives where we find ourselves absolutely powerless and Paul says on verse 10 I rejoice and take pleasure in this inability to produce results and reproaches, in need in persecution and distress why he says when these things come especially because of my testimony for Messiah for His sake then when I am weak when I in myself am weak that’s what releases the supernatural dunamis power of God to ward of this messenger of satan to defeat the problem and to take me through to the place where God wanted me to be that is so true I found that to be true many times in my own life when I found a complete inability to produce results I’ve share this story many times when my oldest son Josh had a snowboard accident when he was 15 years old He had a closed head injury that was very serious the Doctors were predicting all kinds of long term damage being done to his brain all these kinds of things we just asked God what was the truth and the LORD let us know things that have been prophesied over him from before were still true nothing had changed and we realized the blood of Jesus messiah has already been released to heal him so we just proclaimed that over him and we declared that you know what happened? God’s dunamis power and grace was released in the life of our son and God supernaturally healed him there as just a huge difference between the cat scan that was taken in the hospital at the mountain where the accident had occurred and the second cat scan that was taken a few hours later in the hospital in the city they couldn’t believe it was the same cat scan because the damage that was shown on the mountain wasn’t there anymore when he got to the city hospital that’s the dunamis power of God that’s God’s grace being released I couldn’t produce that result Jan couldn’t produce that result we couldn’t help our son we had no power to do anything in our weakness when we came before the LORD and said what has already been done for our son what has been released by the blood of Jesus Messiah Yehsua Ha Mashiach we grabbed hold of that released that in our son Josh’s life and that’s what was sufficient ‘arkeo’ enough to ward off what the enemy had planned for our son and to release God’s plan in his life God is no respecter of persons what He did for us what He did for Josh He’ll do for you He’ll do for your family He’ll do for your children what we learn from this passage is that there has been dunamis power already made available to us when we in our weakness go to the LORD receive what He has already given us by covenant and enforce it against the enemy can you see the difference between begging God to do something new which is what Paul was doing he was begging God 3 times please take this away please take this way please take this away and the LORD’s answer was no my grace has already been released by the blood of Jesus it’s sufficient for you would you please apply it and when you take the authority and release the authority that’s been made available the dunamis power that we have access to by the blood of Messiah Jesus that what happens is that is more than enough to deal with every circumstance situation that would come in our life that is just such awesome news I hope you’re catching this I get so excited about that just to think of what has been made available we’re not begging God to do something new we’re asking God for a full revelation of what He has already done so that we can release it in our lives I pray that would be true for you today that you would discover what has been made available to you by the blood of Messiah and that today you would have the most awesome day walking in His authority in your own weakness receiving His power and watching mighty breakthroughs in your life today don’t keep that to yourself love God with all your heart bless other people pray for other people give to other people and you will make a difference


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