James 1:16-17

God is Good and Never Wavers in His Love and Goodness


James 1:16-17 do not be deceived my beloved brethren every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow do you know that God loves you and has your best interest at heart every single day what James just told us is that every good thing comes from God there’s no shifting or shadow God never changes He is the same everyday He always has your best interest at heart I found one of the best strategies the enemy uses he comes and ravishes someones life and turns right around and says God did that or God let that happen God doesn’t love you God doesn’t care about you look at what just happened and when that occurs if somebody does not understand and believe what James just said then they will be deceived I believe that’s why James said in the very first part of verse 16 do not be deceived why would he say that because there’s a temptation to be deceived what is the deception the deception is that there is shifting or shadow with God I hear people say many times God moves in strange and mysterious ways no He doesn’t God moves 100% consistently with His character and His word He doesn’t do things strange He doesn’t do things out of the ordinary the devil, the purpose of the devil and demonic spirits is to convince you that God is sort of random one day He’s mean and another day He’s nice that God is like an alcoholic Father you can’t tell if He’s going to beat you or love you and embrace you no, God is not like that there’s no shifting or shadow nor turning with God and what happens when you believe that God is against you that God is doing something to harm you you close your heart to God when people blame God I saw this analogy one time the LORD showed me God is like a battery in your car putting out power all the time satan can’t stop the power from coming out of the battery so you know what he does corrodes the inside of the little cable ring where the battery terminal fits so the little cable ring fits down over the battery terminal if there’s all kinds of corrosion on the inside of that cable ring it doesn’t matter how much power is coming out of the battery it’s insulated from the cable ring and when you go to turn the key on the other side of that starter coil no power hits the starter coil at all do you know what most people’s conclusion is the battery is dead the battery isn’t putting out any power no, that’s not the truth the battery has plenty of power there’s corrosion in the system so the enemy comes to corrode your heart I’ll tell you one of the primary areas of corrosion is exactly this deception that James is talking about that people believe that God is not for them people believe that God doesn’t love them people believe that there is shifting or shadow or variation or turning instead of believing that every good thing and every perfect gift comes from God people believe no, sometimes God gives good gifts and sometimes God gives bad gifts we’re not going to avoid certain areas of suffering and adversity in our lives because we live in a fallen world and that is absolutely unavoidable but I want you to know this God is for you everyday of your life He will walk with you through adversity Joseph’s brothers threw him in a pit meant to kill him sold him to a Midianite caravan into slavery he was lied and falsely accused lied about and falsely accused by Potifer’s wife thrown in prison do you know that God was for him every single day of his life I’m not saying that you won’t encounter difficulties or problems on this earth what I’m telling you is God is not the author of destruction and devastation like many people think there’s no shifting or shadow or turning with God every good gift comes from him and if you’ll believe that in your heart you will see victory and you’ll overcome every one of these circumstances and fulfill the destiny and the purpose that God has for you Father I just pray for each one of us today that you would give a revelation in the heart of who you are that you are for us and not against us would you just take a moment and ask God this question God would you show me today in my life, who are you who are you what do you have to say to me today would you take a moment and listen to Him who are you Father what do you say about yourself who are you to me I pray that you’d just allow God to continue to speak to you all day and that this passage would jump off the page and come alive to you and remember as you go through your day today love God, bless people and you will make a difference


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