Numbers 30:1-2

Honor Your Word


Numbers 30:1-2 then Moses spoke to the heads of the tribes of the sons of Israel saying this is the word which the LORD has commanded if a man makes a vow to the LORD or takes an oath to bind himself with a binding obligation he shall not violate his word he shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth Shabbat Shalom before we talk about this keeping your word keeping your vows that it’s talked about in the passage today I just want to remind you about Shabbat Shabbat is a concept of rest and refreshing and we find in one place in the book of Hebrews that says I believe it’s Hebrews strive to enter His rest and sometimes we need to strive to enter rest on a Sabbath day on a day dedicated for Shabbat for rest and refreshing to remind us that we have been delivered from Egypt to remind us that God rested on the seventh day many times there’s so many things that occupy your mind you know what I like to do when the day of Shabbat comes in the evening starts in the beginning in the evening goes through the next day until the next evening I like to just think of all the things that consume me all the cares of my life all the things that I worry about and it’s like I take them in my hand and just throw them and for the next 24 hours they don’t exist that is rest and refreshing that is Shabbat and the reason we need to strive to enter into that is if you don’t do it all your cares and concerns will consume you all day so this Shabbat today would you just take all your cares gather them up and just throw them and say today these things don’t exist I’ll worry about them when Shabbat is over now this word that we just read says that we’re to do what proceeds out of our mouths that we’re to keep our word and you know proverbs tells us that a man’s word is more valuable than silver and gold and I find in these days people don’t honor and value their word very much I want to encourage you to take stock of the words that proceed out of your mouth don’t say things that you can’t keep don’t say things that you don’t mean let your word represent your character do you know that God’s word represents His character one place in scripture that says He honors his word above His name what that means is God values what He says even more than who He is and I encourage you today let your yes be yes let your no be no think before you give your word let your word be valuable let people around you know this about you that if you give your word it can be depended upon it’s reliable I remember somebody gave I once heard the definition of honesty conforming your word to reality and someone else said but the definition of integrity is conforming reality to your word I like that definition and that’s what this scripture passage is talking about that we should be men and women of integrity what that means is if you give your word you will do whatever it takes to fulfill it you won’t say well the circumstances have changed or I changed my mind or I’m going to lose money now so I’m not going to do it no you consider all that before you give your word and be a person of integrity conforming reality to your word that is just a powerful powerful thing and let your word be more precious to you than silver more precious to you than gold let your word and your reputation that you’re a person who honors your word precede you that you value your word more than you would value your own life in essence that you would keep your word today in our culture many people would rather break their word than miss lunch and you know one of the areas I find that people break their word very frequently is in the area of marriage where they’ve made a vow they’ve said til death do us part and didn’t mean it whatsoever they should have said until adultery do us part or until abandonment do us part or until abuse do us part or all the various things that people will break their word over but I encourage you let your word be let your yes be yes and your no be no let your word be valuable to you and establish your life and your testimony as a man or woman who keeps your word so I encourage you to just walk in that scripture and let that become a revelation to you today God bless you


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