Luke 6:27-33

Bless Those Who Curse You


Luke 6:27-33 but I say to you who hear love your enemies and do good to those who hate you bless those who curse you pray for those who mistreat you whoever hits you on the cheek offer him the other also and whoever takes away your coat do not withhold your shirt from him either give to everyone who asks of you and whoever takes away what is yours do not demand it back treat others the same way you want them to treat you if you love those who love you what credit is that to you for even the sinners love those who love them if you do good to those who do good to you what credit is that to you for even sinners do the same this is a phenomenal phenomenal principle of calling things that be not as though they were what Yeshua is saying here is that when you bless those who curse you when you treat those who are your enemies as though they are your friends you know what you do you turn your enemies into your friends why is that? because it’s a faith principle do you know what faith says faith calls things that God has apportioned on the earth but are not yet manifest faith calls them as though they were manifest so there’s a person who’s treating me like and enemy, what do I do reach into the spirit and by faith begin to treat that person as though he or she were my friend and you know what happens I release a spiritual force that begins to work in the heart of that person to turn them into my friend people understand this many times with money they understand this with sickness but I find very few people understand it with relationship another way of expressing it that I’ve heard others talk about is treating someone in the opposite spirit so when somebody treats you with anger you treat them with a quiet voice when somebody comes at you in pride you treat them in humility when somebody comes at you with greed you treat them in generosity so you come back toward somebody with the opposite spirit what is that? that’s just a faith principle calling things that be not as though they were calling things that be not yet manifest as though they were manifest things that God has beamed out so to speak that God has already apportioned I remember when I was pastoring in the very early years of pastoring a church there was a woman in our church that really was disappointed in me she said you’re just a baby pastor we have to train you you don’t really know what’s going on she insulted me in many different ways I was tempted to take offense she was treating me in many ways as an enemy and I was tempted to treat her as an enemy do you know what God had us do she had a particular difficulty in her life and God just spoke to Jan and me to take and offering and to give an offering to her to bless her while she was in the midst of speaking ill of us of telling other people in the church all kinds of insulting things against us and when we gave to her it just broke that spirit and turned her heart from being an enemy into being a supporter into being a friend and that’s just the principle that Yeshua is talking about here so the question today is there someone in your life who’s cursing you that you need to bless is there somebody who’s trying to take from you and you need to be generous and give is there someone in your life that’s speaking insults and you need to speak kindness to them blessing to them move in the opposite spirit maybe it’s your wife maybe it’s your husband maybe it’s a family member a father, a mother, or a child maybe someone at work today maybe you have the boss from hell whose job it is to make your life miserable what Yeshua is saying is that if you will bless those who curse you and persist in it it will turn that around it’s just a principle, it’s how it works and those that have decided to be your enemy God will change their heart and it may be that they will become some of your best allies some of your best friends maybe the ones that are enemies now can you imagine in the early days after Yeshua rose from the dead apostle Paul was busy killing Christians can you imagine if somebody would have determined to bless him and he ended up becoming one their best friends the man who had been their sworn enemy before the same thing will happen in your family or at work and I just believe that’s what God wants to do in your life today Father would you just speak to each one of us is there somebody in my life I need to bless somebody I need to give to somebody I need to speak kindly to LORD, who is that just listen now let God speak to you Father who is cursing me that I need to bless today Father I forgive that person for their insults for their cursing and Father would you use me today to bless that person in the mighty name of Yeshua if you’ll just go out of your way to love God with all of your heart bless those around you even those who curse you you’ll make an incredible difference in your environment God bless you


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