Matthew 6:9-10

Let Your Will Be Done On Earth


Matthew 6:9-10 pray then in this way our Father who is in heaven Hallowed be Your name Your kingdom come Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven this is what the Lord Yeshua Ha Mashiach taught us to pray Father let Your kingdom come on earth as it already is in heaven there are things that God has appointed for you for your day today things that have already been apportioned for you that need to be manifest on the earth great prayer to start the day out with Father let me walk today through my life here on earth as you have already apportioned for me in heaven when you think about what’s in heaven here’s an amazing thing there’s no debt in heaven God hasn’t borrowed from anybody the angels haven’t borrowed from anybody people in heaven they don’t borrow from other people there’s no debt in heaven there’s no sickness in heaven there’s no injustice in heaven there’s no cursing in heaven there’s blessing in heaven there’s love in heaven there’s health in heaven so our prayer is Father let those things be manifest in my life and around me today even as it already is in heaven let Your Kingdom come what is His Kingdom that’s the rule and reign of God almighty so we’re praying Father would you be the ruler over my life today would you direct me in every area today is there an area of your life where there’s sickness an area of your life where there’s injustice an area of your life where there’s sin or people around you our prayer is Father let heaven invade that is there somebody that you’re meant to pray for healing for today do you know that God has appointed healing Yeshua already died His blood was already shed to release healing is there somebody God wants you to pray and release healing to today take a risk I encourage you take a risk ask if there’s somebody around you you could pray for healing I just sense that someone listening and watching today you’re going to be confronted today just in the very early part of the day with someone in need of healing you’re going to have to make a choice am I going to let heaven invade this person’s life today take a risk and ask them if I can pray for them what’s the worst that’ll happen they’re already sick, they remain sick that’s the worst thing that’ll happen what’s the best that could happen the power of God could flow through you and heal that person and that is God’s plan I know that I’m speaking specifically to somebody today God is going to bring somebody across your path that you’re meant to pray for today to let heaven invade earth let the Kingdom of God come to earth and a miracle take place today there are others of us that will encounter other situations today that need an invasion of heaven into our workplace today into our home today into our school into our place where we are today so let heaven invade earth today let His Kingdom come in your life today remember everyday love God pursue God with all your heart let God consume your life today bless people around you pray for them, give to them and you will make a difference


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