John 12:24

Death Leads to Life


John 12:24 truly truly I say to you unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies it remians alone but if it dies it bears much fruit that’s not a word that most people like to hear but the truth of the matter is death always proceeds life death proceeds resurrection many times before we fulfill a vision that God has called us to there’s a death of a vision that occurs that’s a very very common occurrance when it happens please don’t be discouraged just walk with God adversity in the end will result in much fruit I remember back between undergraduate school and graduate school I had about 9 months I had been flying during Christmas vacations and summer vacations Learjets as a co-pilot during my college years and I thought if I will just continue to fly I will get to upgrade to be a captain I was 21 years old and I thought that would be really cool to be a jet captain at 21 I wasn’t in the military I was flying Learjet charter and the Lord spoke to me and said that is idolatry I want you to die to that vision and I will raise it up again later I said God this isn’t a bad thing it’s a good thing why do I have to put that away I felt like the Lord said it’s because you’ve made it more important in your life than I am and I realized that was true so I said Lord what should I do He said why don’t you do something of more eternal value I had just finished reading brother Andrew’s book God’s Smuggler and he had talked about taking Bibles into Russia Russian was a language that I had studied in University so I thought I could go and spend time with brother Andrew’s ministry taking Bibles into Russia so I wrote a letter to Brother Andrew he wrote back and said we don’t really just take Americans off the street why don’t you go with one of the short term missions organizations to Europe for the summer drop by our office in Holland we could talk about it I ended up going with YWAM youth with a mission on a summer outreach program in Europe and I was excited because I found out that YWAM had a Slovic ministries department and there were people that were going into eastern Europe and Russia I was excited about that it came time for each of the students that summer to decide where they would go on outreach I really wanted to go to Russia or Poland or Czechoslovakia one of the eastern European countries the small group leader a woman from South Africa who was the leader of my small group said I don’t believe that God is calling you to go there that’s a very delicate ministry and they don’t take people that are here just for the summer because people can get arrested it’s dangerous you can put in danger the people that live there and you don’t have the maturity or the experience to go I was offended you don’t know what maturity I have you don’t know me how can you say that to me and again I thought my goodness I gave up flying Lear jets to upgrade to be a captain to come and she thought I should go on the Riviera beach ministry in Southern France I thought I don’t need to go to a missions organization to go to the beach at the French Riviera this is ridiculous I just felt like the Lord saying would you just die to yourself would you quit trying to promote your own plan and what you want I said yes Lord I will do that the last day of the time that we had the training time the leader of the Slavic ministry came through and he said there are two teams there’s one going to Poland and one going to Yugoslavia I believe it was and to make a long story short God opened a door for me to go on that team to Poland at just the last minute after I had already died to the vision of becoming a Lear jet captain that year I had died to the vision of going to eastern Europe and then God opened the door back up do you know what was amazing that was the team on which I met my wife Jan she was a part of that team it just struck me the last part of this verse that says unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies it remains alone I fell into the earth and died and I did not remain alone God brought my wife and I met her on that very team that may not have happened had I not been willing to die to myself and let God raise up the vision so in your life today what area is God calling you to die to yourself there are things that you’re to let go of and that’s the key thing is to know God what am I to press in on we never let Go and allow the enemy to win and take territory in our lives but there are certain times when especially circumstances beyond your control force you to die to a vision Joseph was called to be a leader and a ruler but he was sold into slavery then he was unjustly punished and lied about by Potifer’s wife and put into prison he couldn’t control those circumstances he had to die to the vision to which God had called him and he just continued to walk with God allow God to build character in him and in the end he fulfilled the vision the same will happen for you but there are times and seasons you may be going through one of them right now when there’s a death to self a death to a vision if you will just hang on to what God has said, die to yourself die to your own vision God will raise it back up at the right time I guarantee and it’s exciting to know that we can walk with God even through difficult circumstances through adversity where there’s a death to a vision walk with God and God will bring to pass what He’s called you to spend your day today walking with Him allowing Him to bring about the death in you in your vision so that He can raise up His vision God bless you


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