2 Corinthians 7:10

Godly Sorrow Leads to Repentance


2 Corinthians 7:10 for the sorrow that is according to the will of God produces a repentance without regret leading to salvation but the sorrow of the world produces death I found there’s a big difference between the sorrow of the world and the sorrow that God brings sorrow that God brings is when we’re stricken with the understanding I am selfish I’m not serving God I’m not walking with God in this particular area of my life but in reality I’m pursuing myself and I need to die to myself I need to repent and ask God to forgive me when that kind of sorrow comes it produces repentance and change but I found that pride is a very insidious thing pride has two branches the branch we’re most familiar with is arrogance somebody exulting themselves because deep inside they feel of no value worthless so when you feel worthless what do you do, make yourself big in the sight of everybody else make yourself important and the other branch of pride is more insidious it’s self pity and self pity is trying to draw a lot of attention to yourself fishing for other people to be sorrowful for you and go ohh it’s not that bad that sort of thing I’ve seen many times people will repent with worldly sorrow from arrogance to self pity and then back to arrogance and self pity what they’re actually doing is just repenting from one branch of pride to another branch of pride never actually bringing about godly sorrow and change years ago I was on a missions team with a small group of people in Poland and there was a woman that I respected very much that was an incredible bible teacher that was on that trip with us and I was doing some teachings she was doing some of the teachings some of the other team members were in the evening conference meetings and I was still in the time in the early years of my marriage where Jan and I were having a lot of conflict and Jan was not with us on this particular team I was complaining some and this godly woman this godly leader one time said to me do you want to know what’s really wrong with your marriage and she said it in a tone of voice that I thought I probably don’t but what can you say when somebody says that I said yes she said here’s the fact of the matter you are selfish you treat Jan like she were dirt in your marriage your idea of agreement is you just badger her from 29 different directions until she finally agrees you just roll over the top of her like a steam roller and you think that’s agreement you don’t listen to her you don’t value her opinion you don’t honor her and as this lady was speaking I was getting lower and lower when she finally finished she said and you know what else much of the teaching that you give just comes from your mind to the minds of the hearers and there is no anointing of the spirit on it at all and I was devastated I did the right thing I thanked her and I went to my room and I asked God when somebody says something like that to you you need to not just receive it at face value raw data go and ask God I said God is that true what she said and I heard the Holy Spirit say absolutely everything she said is true and I was more devastated I thought well now it’s not only her opinion that’s God’s opinion of me and I realized God was calling me to die to myself and I said God I’ve never seen my own selfishness in my marriage you’re absolutely right I do run over my wife like a steam roller and I just badger her from every direction until she agrees with me and I think that’s agreement and I don’t listen to her and I don’t consider her opinion or her feelings Lord that is true and I began to repent and then I told the leader I don’t want to teach anymore if I’m just impacting people’s minds and not really touching anything inside she said oh no no you’re going to continue to teach you need to practice and learn to let the spirit of God flow through you and die to yourself and do you know what in the end that produced much fruit but it was difficult that repentance was hard but it lead to a godly sorrow not just jumping in a pit of self pity but saying God I truly repent and I can’t change myself I need you to change me those times come in every one of our lives where there’s just a need for repentance godly sorrow somebody may not even be a friend this came through the word of a friend but sometimes it’s the word of an enemy but it’s truth and every time we need to ask God God is that true and if it is then when we repent it brings about godly sorrow which brings about change and do you what that was the beginning of a significant turning point in my marriage where Jan and I when I returned home from that trip Jan and I began to have some deep discussions and I confirmed with her that that really was true and God began to change my heart and that was the beginning of a dramatic change in our marriage which resulted ultimately in the ministry of Family Foundations that we now have came out of the change that God brought about in our marriage so godly sorrow leads to repentance let God bring you to that place where you die to yourself where you recognize your own pride whether it’s arrogance or self pity let God deal with it and God will bring about dramatic change so allow God to do that in your life today God Bless You


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