John 8:32

And the Truth Will Set You Free


John 8:32 and you will know the truth and the truth will make you free truth in your inner man does indeed set you free but many times truth just coming to your mind doesn’t set you free I always get a chuckle when they write that scripture verse over libraries and places like that you know like if you go in and read a lot of books you’d be free do you know that if knowledge would set people free this would be the most free generation that’s ever been we have more knowledge available to us than has ever been in all past history and yet people are in more trouble more bondage more problems than ever before somebody could tell a mother for example don’t yell and scream at your kids it’s harmful it’s damaging to them she could know that information and do you know not be free find an inability to change that pattern of anger so it’s not knowledge in your mind that sets you free another example that comes to mind is the difference between David and King Saul in the matter of Goliath God gave an awesome promise in Deuteronomy 9:1-5 He said I will go before you when you come into the land you’re going to meet these giants the sons of Anak don’t worry about them I will go before you I will be like a consuming fire I will drive them out ahead of you this is a covenant promise that God gave to Israel do you think King Saul ever read that well of course he did he had read Deuteronomy 9 studied Torah he probably memorized it he knew that did that help him having that knowledge that God had said that no it didn’t help him but there was something completely different with David he had a revelation of the covenant promises of God he had already tested out God’s word with a Lion and defeated a lion he had already defeated a bear because of the word that God gave him and he said I imagine this giant this son of Anak this Goliath will be just like the lion or bear that I already killed in the field why, because I’m such a good marksman with a sling shot? no because God gave his word and all we’re to do is show up and enforce the word that God has given us basically show up and collect miracles they both knew Deuteronomy 9 but there was a huge difference David knew it in his heart Saul only knew it in his mind it didn’t set him free it didn’t change him you know it’s like riding a bicycle who will have a better chance at doing well riding a bicycle a seven year old boy who pedals around on his bicycle everyday all day or a 32 year old man who took a course on bicycle riding read a book and passed it with 100% he can tell you the 29 principles of bicycle riding but has never actually ridden one who will have a better chance of doing well at riding a bicycle the one who has revelation knowledge experience in his heart that is the truth I’m talking about that’s what I believe Yeshua is talking about that sets people free it’s a matter of grabbing hold of this word letting God bring it into reality and experience you can read about healing all you want and say I believe God heals today that cognitive information is not nearly as valuable as somebody that’s prayed for 1000 people and seen quite a number of them healed we need the revelation experience of the word of God not just to know about it in our minds so what truth sets you free when you grab hold of God’s word and you say God would you put this in my heart Father in what area does my heart not actually believe this so today what is the word that God wants to make real to you would you just ask God what word Father do you want to make real to me today and expect God to give you opportunity to experience His word in that area and that word it removes lies when lies are removed from your heart replaced with truth that is what sets you free I’m believing God to do that in your life today so Father I just pray for everyone of us that you would show us the truth that we need to receive as revelation in the heart today and I pray that you’d expose it reveal it to us and let us walk in your truth in the areas where we need to be set free in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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