James 1:13

God Never Tempts Anyone


James 1:13 let no one say when he is tempted I’m being tempted by God for God can not be tempted by evil and he himself does not tempt anyone I’ve heard that many times where people have said God tempted me God set me up to this place of temptation to test me to see whether I would fall in to temptation the bible categorically says God never does that God doesn’t tempt anyone and He cannot be tempted let no one say, when he’s being tempted I’m being tempted by God God cannot be tempted He doesn’t tempt anyone else so who tempts us? well the devil will certainly tempt us, and our own flesh will certainly tempt us into areas where we have a propensity to stumble where there have been addictions in the past or areas of bondage but God will never set that before us God will never tempt us so what that means is we can never blame God when we stumble in temptation we can never blame God for poor decisions that we make God is not the one who tempts us that’s critical to understand that so that we don’t end up blaming God for things that he had absolutely nothing to do with so we’ll look tomorrow at where temptation does come from because James gives us a very long and great explanation of exactly how temptation works but the key that I want you to grab hold of today is temptation never comes from God God doesn’t tempt anyone let no one say when he’s being tempted I’m being tempted by God that’s critical to understand that so that we have our image of God correct one of the most important things is to ask God on a regular basis God, who are you? who are you many many years ago God told me to ask him daily many times a day 2 questions God who are you and the second one I call The Question is God who am I what do you say about me we go through life with so much information coming at us people wanting to tell us who we are tell us about ourselves tell us about God it’s critical to ask God we’re his sheep we serve a living resurrected Yeshua Ha Mashiach we can talk to Him He’s not dead He’s raised from the dead we can talk to Him, ask Him God who are you? so as you go through your day today when you’re tempted to question God tempted to accuse God would you just ask him the question God, who are you? when there’s a temptation in your own life God who are you? what are you doing? who am I? What do you say to me? the whole problem in the garden of Eden could have been solved if Adam would have simply come to God and said God there’s this talking snake that’s talking to my wife and telling her all kinds of things what do you say about that? do you know Adam did not do that so I encourage you have a dynamic interactive relationship with God ask him regularly who are you God? who am I? and when temptation comes to your life that’s when it’s critical to run to him and say God who are you? and what do you say to me right now? so would you do that today? ask God many times who are you God so that you make sure you get a correct image of him and as you go through your life love God with all your heart today bless other people around you and God will make a difference through your life


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