I Corinthians 10:13-14

The Way of Escape


1 Corinthians 10:13-14 no temptation is overtaken you but such as is common to man and God is faithful who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also so that you will be able to endure it therefore my beloved flee from idolatry I never for years and years connected verse 13 and 14 flee from idolatry with the power of temptation coming at me I’ve heard many many people think or teach that God will remove the temptation at the last minute so that it won’t overtake you so that God will make sure that you’re never tempted beyond anything that you’re able to endure first of all we know from James 1:13 that God never tempts anyone God is not the author of temptation temptation comes from your own your own powerful emotions on the inside lies that are on the inside of you and temptation comes from those what I began to realize is that temptation is connected to idolatry in many bibles there’s actually a little break or a heading break between verse 13 and 14 I don’t know why they do that but verse 14 it says “therefore” well what does therefore mean? it ties it back to the previous sentence you ought to see what it’s there for whenever you read therefore because it’s there for a reason verse 14 therefore my beloved flee from idolatry this idolatry is relating back directly to the temptation and it tells us Paul tells us right here that God is faithful who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able but with the temptation will provide THE way of escape it’s not a way of escape for years I thought what it means is that God is sort of like a puppet master and temptation comes and He lets it get so far and then at the last minute He removes it so that you won’t stumble and fall no, no God is not a puppet master God doesn’t control people’s lives like a puppet master no that’s not how it works what actually it means here it says that God has provided THE way of escape what is THE way of escape? the way of escape is repentance the cross of Yeshua dying to yourself renouncing that thing that’s the way of escape looking to God the way of escape is verse 14 flee from idolatry I remember I learned this many many years ago I was sitting one day on a weekend day just sort of bored sitting around my house watching Television and a thought came to my mind you need ice cream with chocolate syrup and bananas and I went and got a big bowl of ice cream, chocolate syrup and not long after that another thought you need potato chips so I went and got potato chips I was sitting and watching tv now I was thirsty now you need to get a soft drink you need a coke or something so I went and got that not long after that another thought you need pizza and I thought YES pizza that’s what I need and right about that time the Holy Spirit just spoke to me and He said what are you doing? I said I’m eating He said why? I said because I’m hungry Holy spirit said no you’re not hungry you had lunch not long ago you’re deceived you’re looking to food to be a comfort to something that’s in emotional turmoil on the inside a discouragement or something that’s lack of peace on the inside and in reality you’re in idolatry and when He used that word idolatry I thought idolatry Lord what do you mean? I haven’t been worshiping any little stick or stone figures recently and here’s what I heard the Lord say He said whenever you look to something or someone other than me as a source of comfort and life to you you have made that your god and today you’ve decided to make food your god and there’s this compelling emotional force on the inside that keeps tempting you and directing you to more food and more food and you don’t have a nutritional need you’ve got an emotional need and you need peace on the inside of your soul and I am the prince of peace but you refuse to come to me I am Yahweh Shalom and you will not let me bring peace to you and I realized that ohhh God you’re right I am looking to food today I am in idolatry you know what THE way of escape was? repentance Father forgive me I’m going to flee from idolatry I’m running to you I want you to be my source of comfort I want you to be my source of life my source of peace father forgive me for looking to ice cream and pizza, and Coke and chips and all these things today God that is not my source of peace I have been in idolatry forgive me I repent and that is THE way of escape THE way of escape is fleeing from idolatry verse 14 and running to Yeshua Ha Mashiach Jesus the Messiah the prince of peace and saying Lord I desperately need you to meet this need today Lord what do you say today extract the lie from my heart that is tempted to trust in whatever it is Food, Sex, Pornography power, money, clothes people, whatever it is God forgive me so today what has the enemy brought into your life to use as a temptation is there an area of idolatry that you’ve been looking to alcohol God is speaking to me about alcohol somebody has had a battle and a struggle with alcohol today is your day to take THE way of escape the way of escape is to run flee from the idolatry of looking to alcohol as a source of comfort to you and running to the Father and saying Father forgive me would you bring comfort to me God would you expose any lie on the inside that torments me fear on the inside that torments me and Lord would you bring peace to it remove it convict me of your love let me feel your love this day as the love of God invades your heart perfect love drives out all fear fear is at the root of all lies and truth when it comes into your heart removes lies light removes darkness and that’s exactly what God wants to do for you today so I pray that God would be your source in every area today that you would flee idolatry take THE way of escape in the name of the Messiah Yeshua I pray that for you this day Amen


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