Psalm 20:7

We will Boast in the Name of the Lord


Psalm 20:7 Some boast in chariots and some in horses but we will boast in the name of the Lord our God that is so powerful to realize that we can boast in God we can trust in God we don’t have to put our trust in chariots chariots represent man’s ideas it represents man’s plans and what is being said here what the Psalmist tells us is that we will trust and boast in God there are things that will come into your life today and you won’t know what to do you won’t know how to answer them what do you do? ask God when you don’t know what to do ask God I remember one time I was ministering in a small group at an Ancient Paths seminar and a man exposed that he had he was actually an associate pastor on staff had come out of a drug background his job was to minister to drug addicts in a halfway house and he admitted in the small group that he had been having a very severe temptation back into the drug world again didn’t know how to overcome it I had no idea how to help him or how to pray for him so you know what I prayed? God would you just expose and show him anything pertinent to this drug temptation we waited about 3 minutes in silence that was a long long 3 minutes I kept thinking there’s something I should say or do or pray some powerful prayer to help this man but what I just kept hearing is the Lord said would you trust me would you just trust in me not in your own wisdom not in your own understanding not in any technique or process or anything you know would you just trust me so I just waited after 3 minutes God revealed to this man the very root of where that deep deep temptation into drugs was coming and it was coming from a horrific experience that had happened in his childhood he had buried it forgotten about it God brought it to the surface and that experience created a lie in his heart that he was worthless and of no value and anytime anything discouraging or threatening came to him he learned to use drugs in teenage years to cover that to medicate the pain of any kind of difficulty in his life he had been delivered from that 13 years earlier but now God was wanting to remove the lie and God had brought that lie up that you’re worthless you’re of no value that had been sown into his heart through a horrific experience as a child and God brought that to the surface and what he was doing was covering it with the same flesh comfort mechanism of drugs that was the temptation when that deep lie was removed from his heart the temptation of drugs instantly left with no more problem in that particular area and what God taught me is I could have tried to rely upon some book that I read or some counseling information or something that I could have somehow used to help him and I realized Psalm 20:7 we will boast in the name of the Lord our God God I don’t have anything to offer but the name of the Lord our God Yeshua Ha Mashiach Jesus the Messiah that’s all I can do is call upon you and trust you because I don’t have anything to offer this man and I believe the reason we’re reading that today is that’s what God wants to impart to you in your business today there are situations you’re going to come upon you won’t have an answer for but God does and God will reveal to you his wisdom because he loves you God will give you supernatural solutions in business today God will give you supernatural solutions in your family today as you walk through your day you can count on it and I just want to pray that for you Father I pray for my brother for my sister supernatural wisdom supernatural solutions today that God everyone of us will trust in you not in our own wisdom not in our own strength in the name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach Jesus the Messiah Amen


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