Ephesians 2:11-12

Are You a Stranger to the Covenants of Promise?


Ephesians 2:11-12 therefore remember that formerly you the gentiles in the flesh who are called uncircumcision by the so called circumcision which is performed in the flesh by human hands remember that you were at that time separate from Christ excluded from the commonwealth of Israel strangers to the covenants of promise having no hope and without God in the world let’s include verse 13 but now in Christ Jesus you who formerly were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ so it says we were strangers to the covenant strangers to the commonwealth of Israel but in Messiah we have been brought near brought into that covenant years ago when I read that the Lord just highlighted to me that word strangers and He said son you’re in the covenant but you’re still a stranger to the covenant I said Lord what does that mean? He said well you can be a part of a covenant and not know not understand what it is and it doesn’t do you any good and what I came to realize in order for a covenant to be a benefit to you 3 things must be true you must be in covenant in other words in this case you must be born again have a relationship have your sins forgiven relationship with God number 2 you must know the provisions of the covenant and number 3 you must be willing to enforce them against enemies David and Saul both had a covenant with God Saul wasn’t willing to enforce it against an enemy David was and the covenant did him some good let me give you another example I heard of one older gentleman his life long dream 150 years ago was to travel by sea from Scotland he was an old Scottish gentleman to the United States where he had relatives he finally saved up enough money to do so bought passage on the ship to go and meet his relatives in the United States in New York but he only had enough money to just buy the ticket didn’t have enough money to buy food or anything else on the ship just the ticket and so he carried with him some dried meat, some dried cheese and some bread that he could eat and some water along the way and his only regret on the ship is he would pass by the restaurant watch other passengers who were wealthier than he eating the 7 course meals and then he would go back to his cabin and eat his dried meat and his bread and his cheese and drink his water well on the last day as they were coming into New York harbor Ellis Island was in sight he was standing on the deck with many of the other passengers got to talking with one of the stewards and the steward asked him how did you enjoy your journey? he said it was great my only regret is I didn’t have enough money to ever take advantage of any of those wonderful meals in the restaurant the steward said ohh sir could I see your ticket? looked a little concerned he looked at the ticket read it for a moment he said Sir didn’t you know all the meals were included in the ticket so the man had a ticket but he was a stranger from the provisions of the ticket of course he ran to the restaurant and consumed as much as he could in the last half hour of the journey but he had a ticket he had a provision of all the meals on the ship and because he didn’t know it it didn’t do him any good I find many believers are like that. we haven’t really read and understood what’s in the ticket we just thought it was a ticket to heaven or we just thought there were a couple things maybe forgiveness of our sins included we didn’t read all the benefits and all the provisions that were in the ticket so we live like everybody else who has no ticket and that’s what it means to be a stranger to the covenant so I encourage you today don’t be a stranger to the covenants of promise study the word of God this is the ticket find out what it is that Jesus really died to pay for there’s all kinds of things healing precious magnificent promises Peter told us provision, protection, blessing incredible relationships that God wants to open doors to these are all things that are provisions don’t be a stranger to the covenant but study the covenant find out the provisions walk in it share it with others today God bless you


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