Ephesians 5:30-32

Marriage is a Prophetic Image of Messiah and His Bride


Ephesians 5:30-32 for we are members of His body of His flesh and of His bones for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and the two shall become one flesh this is a great mystery but I speak concerning Christ and the church this is an awesome scripture that is talking about marriage and it tells us really here what the purpose of marriage is I find that many people thought the purpose of marriage was to be happy and it is a shock after they get married to find out no that wasn’t even the purpose the purpose of marriage is for you to be a prophetic image a prophetic picture on this earth of Yeshua Ha Mashiach Jesus Christ and his bride that’s what we just read Jesus and the church so how Yeshua treats his bride is supposed to be exemplified and modeled prophetically on the earth in a marriage what does that really mean? I find that many people think I got married because I wanted to be happy I want this woman to please me I want this man to please me if you will make it your purpose to bless your marriage partner and to be a prophetic picture of how Yeshua treats his bride you’ll have the greatest sense of fulfillment and joy that anybody could have on planet earth what does it really mean to be a prophetic image what it means is this that there’s a unique relationship between Messiah and His bride it is a covenant not a contract and that is a concept that has shifted values in our culture where many many people no longer even understand the concept of covenant let alone embrace it we don’t see what it is a covenant has 3 qualities it’s unilateral it’s unconditional and it’s irrevocable that contract pardon me that concept in covenant has been exchanged for the concept of contract in much of society what is a contract? it has 3 opposite qualities a contract is bilateral that means two ways it is very conditional means it has a lot of conditions various things that can break it and number 3 it’s revocable you can take it back so here’s a thing to ponder today is if you are married or if you’re going to be married or ever plan to be married is your marriage a covenant which is a picture of how Messiah treats His bride or is it a contract which is completely the opposite of how messiah treats His bride a contract says if you’re faithful to me I’ll be faithful to you if you keep your word I’ll keep my word but if you’re not faithful I’m released I don’t have to be faithful if you don’t keep your word I don’t have to keep my word if you wound me or hurt me or disappoint me I’m free to leave and go and find somebody else that’s a contract a covenant on the other hand says I’ll be faithful to you even when you’re not faithful to me I’ll keep my word even when you don’t keep your word just think about this how does Messiah treat us if we’re faithful He’s faithful but if we’re unfaithful He abandons us no no that’s the opposite of the truth that’s the opposite of a covenant so we’re called to walk in a covenant relationship in marriage which means we depict the faithfulness of Messiah to His bride this is also exactly the same faithfulness of Yahweh to Israel Yahweh’s arms are still open to Israel saying return, return, return, return and we’re seeing in this day an amazing thing where we’re seeing many Israelites natural born sons in the natural olive tree returning to come to know Yahweh through Messiah themselves a part of that covenant again and so we see a covenant faithfulness that is awesome what we just read here in this scripture is that we’re to be a picture of that that our marriage, your marriage my marriage it’s a mystery that depicts the relationship between Messiah and his bride which is a covenant not a contract so today I encourage you would you consider in your own marriage just praying together with your marriage partner and saying today we establish the value of covenant in marriage again it’s not a contract we embrace our assignment and our anointing to be a covenant prophetic picture of Messiah and his bride and I pray for every married couple today that today you would embrace the concept of covenant I also sense that there are many who are broken there are broken marriages and if you’re in a broken marriage if you’re divorced you’re about to be divorced you’re separated or you’re in a lot of conflict I pray for you today for a supernatural healing anointing by the spirit of God to touch your heart to soften your heart to soften the heart of your marriage partner and to restore what the enemy has stolen and I declare over you what men have said is impossible is possible with God God will heal and restore what people said was impossible and I pray today your marriage would be healed and restored in a supernatural way today is your day to embrace the truth of supernatural restoration and healing in your marriage in the mighty name of Yeshua God Bless You


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