Luke 17: 12-14

God Will Meet You “As You Go”


Luke 17:12-14 as He entered a village 10 leprous men who stood at the distance met him and they raised their voices saying Jesus master have mercy on us and when He saw them He said to them go and show yourselves to the priests and as they were going they were cleansed this is such a powerful principle I heard a message one time God will meet you in the as what does it mean? as they were going the miracle was released here’s the most interesting thing 10 leprous men came to Yeshua what were they in need of? obviously they wanted to be healed they didn’t want to be lepers anymore they said please cleanse us have mercy upon us here’s the most amazing thing Yeshua said go show yourself to the priests did He pray for them? did He lay hands on them? did He heal them? the answer is no those men left the presence of Messiah just as leprous as they were when they came they must have been thinking what good did that do us we asked Him to heal us and He didn’t and all He said was go show yourself to the priests what was the purpose of go to show yourself to the priest? what we find in Torah is the only time a leper needs to go show himself to the priest is if he’s been cleansed so what Yeshua said is go to the priest as though you were already cleansed freed from your leprosy even though you’re not yet why? here’s the principle many times faith is activated and releases miracles when you obey when you do what it is that God tells you to do and the miracle happens as you go when you’re on the way so when did the miracle occur? as these lepers went to show themselves to the priest what would be the purpose of showing yourself to the priest? to show him that you’ve been cleansed that you’re not leprous anymore but the problem was when they left Yeshua they were still leprous but when they acted on the word that Yeshua gave them that’s what released the miracle and so what I’m saying here is God will meet you as you go as you’re on the way and I’ve seen many many miracles released that way I remember one man shared this story with me a missionary and the Holy spirit told him you’re to go to a particular country and he needed an airline ticket to go there, well he was praying God how do I get the airline ticket he didn’t have the money to buy the ticket he kept thinking somebody will send me the money one of my supporters will send me the money and then I can go that didn’t happen he had ordered the airline ticket and reserved space on the flight but had not yet paid for it and he felt like the Holy Spirit said go to the airport and it’s sort of silly why would you go to the airport when you don’t have a ticket he in obedience did what he felt like what God told him to do went to the airport and you know the story a man came up a stranger and said I just felt like God told me to give you this gave him exactly the amount that he needed to buy the airline ticket the man got on the plane and went to where God had sent him so when did the miracle occur? when he went to the airport and again many people are sitting at home waiting for the money to come or people are waiting for something to happen well God didn’t provide God isn’t doing anything no, a lot of times the miracle is released when you act on what the Lord has shown you to do the Romans 4:17 faith principle call things that be not as though they were not things that are not existent things that have been released from heaven but are not yet manifest on this earth that’s the principle of faith that God will meet us as we go that’s exactly what happened to these lepers I believe you’ll have opportunity this very day in this week to walk in that principle that God will have you do things and as you go that’s what releases the miracle I just want to pray for you Father I pray that you would show each one of us specifically today what is it that You’ve told us to do that we’ve been not doing we’ve been sitting waiting for you to act God when You’ve told us to do something and You’re going to meet us as we go like You did the lepers Father show each one us what that is that we can walk in spirit and truth today that we can hear Your voice and Father I pray for each one of my friends listening today for miracles and supernatural things to manifest in their lives I pray that today would be an absolutely supernatural powerful day for you in Messiah Jesus Amen


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