John 2:5-9

You Do the Natural, and God Will Do the Supernatural


John 2:5-9 His mother said to the servants whatever He says to you, do it now there were 6 stone water pots set there for the Jewish custom of purification containing 20 or 30 gallons each and Jesus said to them fill the water pots with water so they filled them up to the brim and he said to them draw some out now and take it to the head waiter so they took it to him and when the head waiter tasted the water which had become wine and did not know where it came from but the servants who had drawn the water knew the head waiter called the bride groom and he said to him every man serves the good wine first and when the people have drunk freely then he serves the poorer wine but you have kept the good wine until now we need to learn how to activate faith and how to release miracles and here’s the principle we see here when you do the natural God will do the supernatural it’s very interesting I never realized until I read this again when the servants drew the water out of the pot it did not turn to wine in the pot in the jar It turned to wine as they went so when they drew it out what was it? it was water I saw that here in verse 9 and it says when the head waiter tasted the water which had become wine and did not know where it came from then the parentheses but the servants who had drawn the water knew what was it? they drew the water and I believe what He’s saying here is when they took it out of the jar it was still water when did it become wine? on the way to the head waiter that would have taken some faith to draw water out and it’s still water and you take it to the head waiter why? because if you get there and it’s still water he’s going to be very very angry you could get fired put in prison, killed a servant in those days is under the subjection of the master he can do almost whatever he wants to so these guys took a huge risk doing what Yeshua told them to do drawing water out and going as though it were wine and it became wine on the way the principle is this when you do the natural God will do the supernatural there was a woman who was a widow that we read about in 2 Kings 4 and she was destitute she just had nothing but one little jar of oil and she did what Elisha told her she began to pour the oil from one jar to the next to the next which is a very natural act pouring oil out of a jar that’s not hard that’s natural she did it the supernatural part was it multiplied Peter was called to do a very natural thing when he walked on water he stepped out of the boat and walked he had been stepping out of boats and walking for all of his adult life that wasn’t supernatural that wasn’t hard the supernatural part was God supported him on the water here’s the principle 11 guys sat in the boat waiting for their legs to supernaturally move none of them experienced a miracle only the one guy who did the natural experienced the supernatural so the point is there’s always a natural part that we have and a supernatural part that God will do one time on a team that Jan and I were on when we met first with youth with a mission in Poland we were in Germany we were going to Poland on the day before we left a man came up to us gave us a bunch of books in German and he said you know I just felt led in my quiet time this morning I was supposed to give your team these books we said we’re going to Poland not to Germany and he said I don’t know I just felt led to give them to you so we in obedience just took them and as we were driving across Germany East Germany en route to Poland as we were praying in our car we felt like the Holy Spirit said give those books away here in East Germany not in Poland when we stopped to check with our team mates in the other car God had spoken the same thing to them we didn’t know where to give them away so we prayed and God gave us the name of a particular city that we were passing by we got off the Autobahn went into that city we figured we had about a half hour East Germany was still communist in those days that was 1975 they would come looking for you if you didn’t make progress along the route so we didn’t know how would we find somebody to give these books away nobody had any contacts in East Germany at least the team leader was Swiss he could speak German and Jan could speak German so we got out and just obeyed the Holy Spirit he said stop in the town get out and begin to walk the very first intersection we came to lo and behold our team leaders said I think we should talk to that woman waiting to cross the street at the light he struck up a conversation with her and discovered in just a short bit of conversation she was a secret underground believer and she had been praying for some apologetic books by two specific authors Francis Shafer and Josh McDowell and she said if you could ever have a team bring me those books that’s what I’ve been praying for because our young people are going to atheist class and if they had some apologetic material it would be powerfully impacting and the team leader said you won’t believe this a guy came up to us yesterday in West Germany and gave us a bunch of books in German language and guess who the authors are Francis Shafer and Josh McDowell this woman just broke into tears Halleluyah my order’s arrived and she couldn’t believe it we gave her those books and the team leader got her address and later received a letter that somebody brought out of the country that those books had been used powerfully by God to strengthen the young people and to win many many people to salvation to faith in Yeshua Messiah and so what we discovered is when we did the natural we received the books we carried them in the car we stopped in the town God told us to with no contacts no way to give these books away and just began to walk and do the natural thing all those things were natural the supernatural thing was God brought us in contact with a lady who had been praying for those very books that God had given us and we were able to give them to her so miracles take place when you do the natural God will do the supernatural just like these servants in John chapter 2 they just did what Yeshua told them to do and that was what released a miracle so the question is what is it that God has spoken to you to do that you need to do and expect God to do a miracle expect that when you do the natural God will do the supernatural that’s my prayer for you today I pray that you would do the natural things God’s telling you to do and expect him to do the supernatural Amen


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