2 Corinthians 5:17

What Things Are New?


2 Corinthians 5:17 therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation old things have passed away behold all things have become new when I first read that when I was a new believer I got so excited I thought halleluyah all the old things in my life have passed away and new things have come and says all things have become new I was sorely disappointed after only a few days to find some old things still working in my life some old thought patterns some old emotional response patterns some old habits and I thought Lord what happened? maybe I need to be born again, again maybe it didn’t take what happened it says here in your word that if I’m in Christ I’m a new creation all things are become new and I’ve got a bunch of things that didn’t become new at all what is the deal with that God took me on a little study of his word to find out how he created us and I discovered this He created us a 3 part being in His image He’s a 3 part being Father Son and Holy Spirit we’re not that but we are a 3 part being spirit soul and body and I wondered what part is born again and I started just looking at them by the process of elimination what part is a new creation is this talking about my whole being is my whole being a brand new creation and I just started with the body well it was pretty obvious to me pretty quickly I didn’t get a new body when we’re born again when we receive Messiah when we enter into covenant we don’t get a new body as a matter of fact the bible says you won’t get a new brand new body until you meet Yeshua face to face then you’ll get a glorified body like he has now some of us received supernatural healing when we were born again some of us got a new organ or a broken bone was mended or something supernatural happened in the body but basically our body is wasting away it will return to the dust of the earth it’s not what’s born again it’s not the new thing well how about your soul in the tradition I grew up we didn’t even make a distinction between soul and spirit we just used them interchangeably but I read in the word that the soul is the mind will and emotions Hebrews 12 says the word of God is quick and active sharper than any two edged sword piercing to the division of soul and spirit joints and marrow the thoughts and intentions of the heart if the word pierces to the division of soul and spirit there must be a division between soul and spirit so as I studied that out I found out your soul is your mind will and emotions where you make your have your thoughts and your feelings where you make your choices and it became obvious to me that’s not 100% new that’s not a new creation otherwise if your soul were actually what was born again you’d never think another thought except the thoughts of God you’d never have another emotion or feeling except that which comes from God and all of us have experienced thoughts made choices had feelings that weren’t from God, why because the soul is not a new creation we say oh I pray for souls to be saved but actually it’s not the soul that’s instantly saved when a person is born again as a matter of fact Paul says in Romans12:2 that the mind be not conformed to this world be transformed by the renewing of your mind so your mind is in a process daily of being renewed so the soul is in a process of being transformed and changed that’s your mind will and emotions so what is it that’s a new creation it’s your spirit your spirit was instantly changed from death to life from darkness to light instantaneous filled with the righteousness of Yeshua Messiah Himself filled with His life filled with His power and you get a choice which you identify with am I a body am I a mind am I emotions am I a spirit here’s the truth I am a spirit I have a soul and I live in a body this body it will return to the dust of the earth one day I’m looking at you through these little blue windows here but this body is not me it’s not who I am I am a spirit if you’ll grab hold of that revelation that you the spirit person are absolutely a new creation you are in the spirit in your spirit the essence of your being a new creation that’s what Paul is saying here if you grab hold of that and walk in that today instead of identifying with your body which is wasting away it may have aches and pains and problems whatever not identifying with your soul with your emotions with your thoughts yes we all have to contend with emotions and thoughts they impact us but that is not who I am I am a spirit I am filled with the life of Yeshua Ha Mashiach Himself I am alive to Him I am a new creation that’s the truth I want to pray for you today I pray in the mighty name of Yeshua that you would walk through your day today being cognizant and conscious of who you are in the spirit not seeing in the natural but seeing in the spirit seeing other people in the spirit who God says they are not how they behave not what their mind or body does but who God says they are I pray that today as you go through your life and your daily activities you would see in the spirit you would walk in the spirit and that you’d experience yourself as a new creation in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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