Genesis 1:28

What Does God Lack That You Have?


Genesis 1:28 then God blessed them and God said to them be fruitful and multiply fill the earth and subdue it have dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves on the earth do you know that there is something that God does not have something that God lacks and people say well what is it that God lacks? God is all powerful God is all mighty God is omnipresent God is omniscient what could He lack? there is something that God delegated to man and gave away in this verse that we just read when He said to man have dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the air over everything that is on the earth do you know what God gave him? God gave Adam and Eve authority God didn’t give away ownership the earth is still His the bible says in Psalm 24:1 the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof do you know what God gave away? authority it’s like leasing an apartment if I own an apartment and I grant a lease to somebody for a year it’s still my apartment I still own it but what did I do? I gave away authority over that apartment I think of this as an earth lease it’s as though God leased the earth to man for about 6000 years and we read at the end of the book in Revelation and in Daniel that one day the owner returns the whole deal changes the lease is up and everything completely changes but what God did is He gave authority to man now unfortunately what Adam did Adam and Eve gave that authority away to satan when Lucifer was in Heaven he rebelled, he was kicked out you know what he lost when he was kicked out of Heaven he lost his authority satan had no authority in Heaven no authority on earth and he wasn’t about to get it back from God so satan went looking where can I get authority to operate on the earth and he realized that God had delegated authority to Adam and Eve and that’s why he came talking to Eve what was he after? their authority and he realized if he could get them to eat that fruit and sin they would voluntarily give up and lose their authority which is exactly what they did satan took the authority that was delegated to man God could have just terminated the earth at that time killed all the people on the earth killed Adam and Eve killed anybody else that had been born terminated the earth but God chose to honor the authority that he had given to Adam and Eve even though Adam and Eve had given it away to the devil which was not what God had in mind at all now the amazing thing is the devil set up his kingdom sickness, death, destruction injustice rampant on the earth until Yeshua came died, rose from the dead when He rose from the dead do you know what He took back from the devil? authority He took back authority He said in Matthew 28 all authority in Heaven and earth has been given to me did He take the authority to Heaven with Him? NO He turned right around and gave it back to believers those who are born again those who are in covenant with Him He gave that authority back to them and now satan and demonic spirits have no authority on this earth all they have is deception they only have what they can trick people into letting them have because the truth is they don’t have any authority all authority in Heaven and earth was given to Yeshua He gave it to us and commanded us to go and make disciples of all nations an interesting thing is a lot of people don’t understand that God delegated authority and that we have that authority what that does is it creates a need for God to partner with us to accomplish His purposes on the earth have you ever wondered why it is that God wakes somebody up in the middle of the night and tells them to pray for a missionary over on the other side of the world or some other place in the world why would God do that? Why doesn’t God just sovereignly move and accomplish what He needs to accomplish in the life of the missionary and the answer is this God doesn’t have authority you say what? no He doesn’t have authority He delegated authority to us on the earth that’s why He has voluntarily limited himself to partner with men and women who are born again in covenant with Him on this earth that’s why He wakes someone up in the middle of the night and when that person prays do you know what they’re using? their authority releasing God’s purpose God’s will so God has knowledge God has power God has wisdom God has love and goodness kind intent but He needs to partner with us and He partners with our authority that releases His power to accomplish His purpose so when you hear from God and you speak forth according to His will with the authority that He gave you that’s how miracles take place do you know how healing takes place on the earth? when somebody uses the authority that God gave them in covenant by the name and the blood of Yeshua Ha Mashiach and they release that authority and that word of authority releases God’s power on the earth that is just an awesome thing I hope you’re catching this and what that means is God has called us to partner with Him to release all kinds of miracles on the earth He has granted us authority to partner with Him our words spoken forth in authority release power as a matter of fact I just sense healing is something God wants to do even right now this very day if you’re in need of healing I want you to just reach out and grab hold by faith of God’s power Yeshua Ha Mashiach Jesus the Messiah already shed his blood healing has already been released so right now by the authority of Yeshua Ha Mashiach I release His blood His blood to touch your physical body and to bring healing I release healing right now to female organs I release healing to lymph nodes that need to be healed I release healing right now to cardiovascular difficulties I release healing the blood of Yeshua to touch every cell in your body just reach out grab hold of that by faith and let the blood that purchased healing for you accomplish its purpose and I declare healing to your physical body this day in the mighty name of Yeshua so Father I pray for my brothers and sisters everyone of us God that we would grab hold of the position that You’ve placed us in that You’ve delegated authority to us on this earth that Yeshua when He rose from the dead and we entered into covenant with him He gave us His authority to speak in His name and to release your power on this earth so I pray for you as you go through your day today that you would recognize the authority God has given you and release His word in prayer release kind words and blessing to people around you and God will use you powerfully to touch the lives of people that you come in contact with today I pray this with the authority in the name of Jesus Yeshua the Messiah Amen


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