Psalm 115:16

God Has Given Us Authority on the Earth!


Psalms 115:16 the heaven even the heavens are the Lord’s but the earth He has given to the children of men He’s talking about here again is that authority was delegated to us when God gave it to Adam in Genesis 1:28 to Adam and Eve and then the enemy took it the devil took it but when Yeshua rose from the dead He said all authority in heaven and earth has been given to me He didn’t take that authority with Him to heaven He gave it to us and now God wants to partner with you and with me on this earth to release miracles I was puzzled many times about prayer people always say prayer is powerful and I wondered why why is prayer powerful what does it do? are we trying to convince God to do something and I never really understood it until I understood that God had delegated authority to us that God doesn’t have authority on the earth He delegated it much as like a person that owns an apartment would make a lease with somebody and during the term of that lease the ownership is not transferred but authority in that apartment is and what that means is that God is looking the Bible says His eyes search to and fro throughout the earth looking for an intercessor why is that? I heard a teaching that Joy Dawson wonderful woman of God taught in Y.W.A.M probably 35-40 years ago back in 1975 I guess is when I actually heard it and what it was was that instead of just praying your shopping list why not ask God what He wants you to pray and listen to Him and pray that so I understood that I got excited because we were hearing the voice of the Lord praying things that were beyond our natural knowledge it was wonderful but then I wondered I’m confused about this why is it that God knows what needs to be done God has power to do it why does he need to tell me then I tell him then he does it seems like sort of circular thing why doesn’t he just cut out the middle man He knows what needs to be done He’s got the power to do it why doesn’t He just accomplish it I never understood that until I realized God needs us He’s chosen to work through men and women on planet earth because He’s delegated his authority to us and so what God does is God wants to speak to you God wants you to hear His voice and then when you hear His voice what to pray you use your authority to speak that forth and it releases miracles a couple years ago few years ago we had a team down in Brazil that left Manaus which is a major city on the Amazon River in Brazil in a riverboat going up river to take the Ancient Paths seminar to a particular town that was a day and a half journey away well in the middle of the night the river boat hit some debris capsized and we had 5 members of our Family Foundations team on that riverboat Brazilians and many people perished and lost their lives in that boating accident the overturn of that riverboat that night not one of the 5 of our team members perished several of them had miraculous stories one woman didn’t know how to swim she said she found herself under water and a man in a white robe she said pulled her to the surface of the water pulled her a little ways across the water and deposited her on a piece of floating debris which happened to be the same piece of floating debris where one of her team mates was who knew how to swim and they were able to get safely to shore it was supernatural she was convinced that was an angel others had other supernatural experiences when that woman got to shore and was able to get to a town where there was a telephone she wanted to immediately call her relatives so they wouldn’t worry about her because news of the overturned or the capsize of this riverboat had gone out and she was afraid her relatives would worry about her she called and her sister said what happened to you about 1:30 I don’t remember the exact time but she had an exact time in the middle of the night what happened and she told her sister the story but said why did you ask? and she said because the Lord woke me up in the middle of the night I had this strong sense that you were in danger and I was to pray for your safety and I did why did God wake that sister up in the middle of the night like that? why couldn’t He just save the woman on the riverboat? I believe that God was waking her up because He wanted to partner with her authority to use the words of her mouth to release a miracle for the sister who was about to perish now many people did perish on the riverboat that night why is that? because God loved this woman more than the other people? no of course not God is not a respecter of persons He loves all of us the same but His eyes were searching to and fro this is one possible explanation perhaps He did not find an intercessor who released authority who could release His power for others and yet He did for that one that’s not the only explanation for why some people perish and other people don’t but I’m certain that is one powerful explanation my wife prayed for me one time before we were even married before she even met me didn’t even know it was me she was praying for I’ll share that story at another time but she prayed with a small team a prayer that I believe released God’s power to save my life when I was in a very dangerous situation before we even met so this is so powerful to grab hold of the heaven is the Lord’s but the earth and authority over it is He has released to the sons of man we need to grab hold of that so today as you go through your life I encourage you take stock of the fact that you’re not a natural person you’re a supernatural person you are designed by God to walk on this earth supernaturally hearing His voice seeing what He sees releasing with the words of your mouth His authority and prayer blessing other people speaking words of encouragement to other people if you love God with all your heart and you walk in the spirit hear from Him walk with Him bless others you will make a tremendous difference in your day today God Bless You


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