I Corinthians 2:7-8

Satan’s Biggest Mistake Ever!


1 Corinthians 2:7-8 but we speak the wisdom of God and a mystery the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the ages for our glory which none of the rulers of this age knew for had they known they would not have crucified the Lord of glory what is it that they didn’t know? this is the biggest mistake that satan and demonic spirits ever could have made it says had they known this particular mystery they would have never crucified the Lord of glory what was it that they didn’t know? what they didn’t realize is that when they crucified Yeshua and He rose from the dead they lost their authority satan captured authority from Adam and Eve in the garden when he tricked them into sinning relinquishing their authority he took their authority and he began to operate on the earth he set up his kingdom of sin sickness, injustice, death all those kind of things not one of those things was in the garden not one of those things will be in heaven satan set that kingdom up on earth when Adam and Eve relinquished their authority to him and it says he continued to operate but made a huge mistake and it says had he understood this mystery had he understood this wisdom this hidden wisdom that God had ordained from before the ages the rulers, the principalities this is not talking about Pontius Pilate this is not talking about human rulers this is talking about the demonic principalities would have never crucified the Lord of glory because by doing that they lost their authority it’s like if I own an apartment and I lease that apartment to somebody for a year lease what did I give up? I didn’t give up ownership it’s still my apartment I gave up authority what that means is I can’t come and go from that apartment as I please I can’t move the furniture around why, I don’t have authority to do it It’s still my apartment I own it but I don’t have authority to do that I’m sovereign over the apartment but I can’t just walk in because I’ve granted authority to someone else they have authority to determine who comes and goes suppose the person that I lease the apartment to gives that authority to a drug dealer who makes that person who leases the apartment a slave enslaves them to drugs let’s say and makes them their slave I don’t like that they don’t like that but I have to honor the lease until the term of the lease now that person is a slave of a drug dealer thug but suppose I design a plan and I send my son let’s say to that apartment and I trick this drug dealer thug into giving the authority that he took from the lessee of the apartment back to my son and my son takes it and gives it back to the one who leased the apartment now that person has authority now he doesn’t need to beg me to kick out the drug dealer thug no, he has authority to do that and here’s my point many people not understanding authority are begging God to do what God has already given them authority to do it’s like Saul in the matter of Goliath King Saul was waiting for a big man to show up begging God to do something about it David wasn’t begging God to do anything David just showed up exercised the authority that God had given him by covenant in Deuteronomy 9 and killed the giant God said I will go before you as a consuming fire and destroy your enemies even giants David believed that he just exercised his authority and killed the giant and many people are waiting for God to do something that God has actually already done He’s already released healing He’s already released salvation He’s already released blessing it’s our job to grab hold of it and to implement it to enforce it against the enemy in my analogy for the person who’s leased the apartment to rise up and kick the enemy out of the apartment he has authority to do that because that authority has been redeemed and really on planet earth satan and demonic spirits have no authority to operate here to do anything all they have authority to do is to deceive to trick to try to get you to sit passively and beg God to do something when in reality God has already done something when Yeshua died and rose from the dead He shed his blood to forgive us to heal us He gave us His authority and now our job is to listen to God find out what He wants to do and accomplish His purpose I mean this is so awesome we are ambassadors of God Almighty He has given us His authority on this earth to walk not to do what we want to do His will when I understood that prayer completely reversed for me answered prayer is not God answering my prayer answered prayer is God speaking to me and me releasing His authority that He delegated to me on the earth to accomplish His purpose so it’s like God is asking us to answer to hear Him to walk in His will to release His authority so today again God has not called you to be a natural person you’re not just who you thought you were you are a supernatural born again spirit infused believer in covenant with the Lord Jesus Yeshua Ha Mashiach and God will lead you to release His authority on the earth today in your workplace to bless people around you to release words of life to release words of power to release words of healing I mean this is just awesome satan made a huge mistake and gave up his authority never would have done it had he understood what was going to happen that’s what we just read we have that authority that He relinquished and it’s up to us to learn how to walk in it and this is a journey learning how to walk in the authority that God has given to us so I pray today for you to grab hold to really grasp hold in the spirit of what God has given us what that authority means not that we’re to walk around in arrogance or pride commanding people or anything like that what we’re to do is walk in humility but walk with the authority that God has given us releasing His power by the words of our mouth and the authority that He has given us so I pray today that you’d walk in His authority blessing people around you in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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