Matthew 28:18-20

What Did Yeshua Do With His Authority on Earth?


Matthew 28:18-20 and Jesus came up and spoke to them saying all authority has been given to me on heaven and on earth go therefore and make disciples of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the son and the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all that I commanded you and lo I am with you always even to the end of the age I want to ask this question what did Jesus do with His authority when He rose from the dead? remember when Jesus rose from the dead what He took away from the devil was authority and here He says I’ve gotten it back all authority in heaven and earth has been given to me what did He do with it? did He take His authority to heaven with Him when he ascended to heaven the answer is no He turned right around and in this verse right here He gave it back to man He said go therefore and make disciples what He’s saying is I charge you with authority on this earth I want to partner with you go and make disciples teach them all that I have said and then another chapter book Mark sorry I couldn’t get the word book out in the book of Mark Jesus said these signs shall follow those that believe so there are miracles that accompany the word of God that goes forth and here’s what I realized we are ambassadors on planet earth not tourists when Jesus rose from the dead and He said go make disciples He charged every one of us who are His believers as ambassadors and you know Yeshua Rose He ascended to heaven gave us His word made us partners on the earth and I just wrote down a little list of the difference between an ambassador and a tourist and I want to share that with you can you imagine how ridiculous it would be if an ambassador were sent from a nation to another nation never really understood he was an ambassador wandering around the streets looking at the sights and his government could never get a hold of him to fulfill his duties as an ambassador so I discovered the Lord challenged me years ago sometimes you think like a tourist you’re just wandering around doing your private business on the earth here’s what I want to tell you you’re not a tourist on this earth you’re actually an ambassador let me share with you some of the differences an ambassador speaks words in the name of the government he represents a tourist just speaks his own personal words what that means is we’re called to speak forth the policy of our government the kingdom of God an ambassador conveys no personal opinion but only the policies of his government a tourist conveys his own personal opinions an ambassador his words are backed up by the treasury and the military of his nation a tourist his words are just backed up by his own personal bank account and strength it’s quite a difference between the backing of a government and just your own personal bank account and strength an ambassador is concerned only with the interests of the government he represents a tourist is concerned only with his own personal interests an ambassador maintains connection and communication with his government headquarters a tourist maintains no connection with his government headquarters I travel on a tourist visa to nations all around the world all the time and do you know I don’t talk to the president of my nation on a daily basis as a matter of fact ever to find out what he might say to me but as an ambassador if I were charged as an ambassador I would need to have contact with my government daily to find out if there’s something they want me to say or do a policy I should convey something to do on behalf of the government as an ambassador we need to be checking in with headquarters with the Lord everyday to find out what is He saying to us an ambassador carries out the policies of his governent a tourist carries out his own personal desires an ambassador spends his priority time carrying out the assignments of his government a tourist spends his priority time just pleasing himself and doing whatever he wishes an ambassador his government provides all his needs his government provides for his transportation housing, food, clothing, security meets all of his personal needs a tourist does what he does at his own expense he has to provide his own transportation housing, food, clothing and meet all of his own personal needs so the question is today will you function as Yeshua’s ambassador on this earth even right now just asking Him Lord who are you going to bring across my life today is there something you want me to tell somebody do you want me to pray healing for somebody do you want me to give a word of encouragement to somebody Lord I’m your ambassador today I’m not just an employee at this company or a teacher at this school or a student at this school no, I’m your ambassador what do you want me to do what do you want me to say today I’m not just a tourist wandering around pleasing myself doing whatever I want that is a revelation I pray that you get today you’re not a tourist you’re an ambassador Father I pray for each one watching today for an anointing and a grace to come upon each one as your ambassador today Father we just wait on you right now what do you want me to do today Father is there something specific that you want to say to me about my day today would you spend just a minute just close your eyes and listen and the Lord might have just brought a name to your mind or an assignment you’re His ambassador so today as you go forth through your day as an ambassador love God with all your heart bless people around you fulfill the assignments God has given you and you will make a tremendous difference


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