Deuteronomy 11:26-28

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Deuteronomy 11:26-28 see I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse the blessing if you listen to the commandments of the Lord your God which I am commanding you today and the curse if you do not listen to the commandments of the Lord your God but turn aside from the way which I am commanding you today by following other gods which you have not known Shabbat Shalom every one of us everyday have an opportunity to bless our family members or curse our family members that is such a powerful word that word bless is the Hebrew word baruch and it means to empower to prosper so if I bless somebody I empower them to prosper curse would be the opposite it would mean to disempower somebody from prospering so at any moment on any given day I can bless people around me or I can curse people around me I have a really simple definition of blessing and cursing blessing I define this way imparting to the heart of another person what God says about them cursing is imparting to the heart of another person what satan says about them so today you can bless your children you can curse your children you can bless your wife or husband curse your wife or husband everyday we have an opportunity to bless or curse that’s what we just read why would anybody curse people around them? and I discovered in my own life many times its because of blindness it’s because of not knowing sometimes people get angry they say things to their children they don’t mean and they wound them they hurt them many times we never go back and repent and make that right I remember one young woman told me this story when she was about 16 years old in her family academics were very very important because her father had not had opportunity to get a very good education so he determined he wanted all of his children to have a good education and if possible go to graduate school become professionals doctors, lawyers accountants, business people and this young woman was very intelligent she got good grades she came home first semester from university in 10th grade here in the United States or not, pardon me not university from high school in 10th grade with a report card and she had all the highest marks all A’s and one B and she was expecting her father to bless her she wanted to hear those words I’m proud of you, good job so he gave her the report card pardon me she gave him the report card he looked at it and guess what he drew attention to the B he said what’s wrong in this class and he told her you know if you want to get into a good university you’re going to have to do better than that and you need to try harder well he didn’t bless her he cursed her without realizing it he sent her the devils message nothing you do ever measures up you’re not a success in my sight she made a decision to try harder she came back second semester all A’s top grades in every class she thought I’ve got him he’s going to have to bless me she gave him the report card expecting to hear wow good job I’m so proud of you you must have worked hard to get these grades instead you know what he said? he looked at the report card and he said well obviously the classes you took were too easy if you can just breeze through them like that and get all A’s that devastated her he cursed her without realizing it you know what this girl did in response she gave up quit trying her grades got worse and worse and worse and worse and she made a very unwise decision in her heart she said I don’t need my father if he’s not going to bless me I don’t care about him I don’t need his love I don’t need his blessing and she went looking for blessing among other peers among other young men and to make a long story short she ended up pregnant ended up dropping out of school and many devastating circumstances for many years in her life fortunately somebody lead her back to Yeshua Ha Mashiach she gave her life to the Lord in her mid twenties and was restored and redeemed but why did that father curse her? why did he say something like that to her not because he was evil just because he was blind and we read in Deuteronomy today every one of us have an opportunity or a decision to make to bless or curse those around us Jewish people tend to prosper everywhere they go not just in finances but in almost every area of society in education in the film industry arts and entertainment in the law profession the medical profession Jewish people are at the top of these professions Jewish people win more than 25% of all Nobel prizes in the United States and yet they’re only 2% of our population how is that possible? of course we know God’s favor is on His people Israel there is another thing Jewish people have a habit that they practice weekly you know what they do every Shabbat Friday night they have dinner together and they bless their children I think there’s something very powerful about that blessing that opens something for children to prosper and if that’s not your custom or your habit why not start this week have dinner together on Shabbat on Erev Shabbat on the evening have dinner together and pray a blessing over each one of your children even if you say I don’t know how to do it just look your children in the eyes and you can tell them I love you I’m proud of you I bless you if you wounded them that week repent and ask forgiveness if you’ll do that you’ll open a door in the spirit for your children to prosper and be blessed remember you have a choice everyday to bless or curse those around you so I encourage you today make a choice for blessing God Bless You


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