Colossians 3:23-24

Work For the Lord, Not For Men


Colossians 3:23-24 whatever you do do your work heartily as for the Lord rather than for man knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance it is the Lord Christ whom you serve as you go to work today I want you to think about this who do you work for? and most of us say well I work for this boss or I work for this company or I represent this product what this scripture tells us is you’re actually working for the Lord Himself you’re provision comes from Him and you are seconded as it were to a particular company that word seconded is a military term you might be for example in the Navy but you could be seconded to the Army for a particular mission which means that you serve under an Army commander in an Army unit even though you’re actually a part of the Navy so you’re actually a part of the kingdom of God you work for Yeshua Ha Mashiach you work for the Lord Himself and He has delegated you to work for a particular company or to work in a particular business to work in a particular place and God is using that business or that company as a channel to provide to make provision for you but you don’t actually work for that company you actually work for the Lord what happens if you have a mean boss what happens if you have somebody that isn’t very nice that’s an ungodly person that’s always trying to get you to do wrong things I know a friend of mine shared with me one time he graduated from Bible school went to get a job in a grocery store and he thought I am God’s gift to this grocery store I mean everybody in the store is going to get saved and a revival is going to break out and it’s going to spread through the whole chain you know what happened instead? he ended up serving the boss from hell he said that this man who was my boss he meditated every morning on how to make my life miserable he just though of ways that he could spill things in the grocery store or make me clean up the worse messes or give me the worse jobs and tasks and he seemed to delight in tormenting me that’s what my friend said and so he realized you know what I’m going to have to do is decide I’m not working for him I’m working for the Lord and I go to work everyday with smile on my face to please the one who has recruited me to please the one in whose kingdom I serve in the end by blessing his boss do you know that boss ultimately came to repent and gave his life to the Lord and it was mainly because of this employee who had made a decision I don’t serve my boss I serve the Lord therefore I’m not going to treat my boss the way he’s treating me I’m going to treat him with the respect and the honor that’s due the Lord because God has put me under the authority of this boss and He’s using this man to train me in certain areas I work for the Lord not for this particular man and do you know what? that young man began to prosper in the grocery store began to get promotions and people did begin to come to know the Lord it took over a year of serving that mean boss before that started to happen so again we need to realize whatever you do do your work as unto the Lord not unto man recognize who you serve so today when you go to work remember I work for Yeshua Ha Mashiach the Lord himself and He has put me under the authority of a particular boss or given me a particular job or a particular assignment or particular business where I work in my job is to bless people here to work as unto the Lord do the best job I know how to accomplish the assignment that God has given me here to be the best employee to be the best worker to be the most productive one to be the one that solves more problems than anybody else and one guy put it this way he said you’ll only be remembered for two things on planet earth the problems you create and the problems you solve so try to solve more than you create so today remember you work for the Lord bless people around you with your productivity with your smile with your kindness honoring authority around you and God will powerfully reward you so Father I pray today for supernatural grace to bless those at work to bless those in our lives today in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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