I John 4:18

How to Eliminate Fear


1 John 4:18 there is no fear in love but perfect love casts out fear because fear involves punishment and the one who fears is not perfected in love so how do we get rid of fear? the Bible says perfect love casts out all fear you know what I’m convinced of virtually all sin is rooted in 2 key things pride and rebellion what is pride? pride is me doing whatever I need to do to make myself feel good about myself external to God in other words not coming to God and finding out what he says about me but doing things to exult myself because deep inside I don’t feel valuable so pride is the answer to the question am I valuable? and when I feel worthless pride rises up to make me valuable rebellion on the other hand is me doing whatever I need to do, to meet my own needs because deep inside I don’t believe that God will so pride is doing whatever I need to do to make myself valuable because deep inside I don’t believe God loves me or finds me valuable so pride and rebellion are what result in all the external manifestations of me doing what I need to do to meet my own needs and make myself feel valuable I’m convinced of this all pride and rebellion are rooted in fear and we talked about another time fear of death fear of loss fear of I’m not going to be valuable fear my needs aren’t going to be met how do I get rid of that deep deep fear of death that deep fear I’m not valuable or that fear that I’m not going to be taken care of the answer is right here in 1 John 4:18 perfect love casts out fear and perfect love comes from God but it usually comes through people do you that most people put a wall up between themselves and people that have wounded them if you were abused wounded ridiculed shamed or hurt as a child probably you put a wall there to block that hurt from people unfortunately the wall that you put to block hurt from people is a shell that goes all around you and not only blocks hurt from people it blocks love from people and it blocks love from God so the perfect love that would come to set you free is often times blocked by the pride and the rebellion that’s rooted in the fear and people are afraid to open their hearts before other people and tear that down do you know the best way to break out of a shell of fear a fear that I’m going to be rejected fear that if people find out what I’m really like or what I really think or what habits I have that are secret that nobody else knows the fear that if people find that out they are going to reject me and despise me the only way that you get out of that is by finding a safe environment which you can open your heart break through that fear and experience the love of God primarily coming through people and you know that is primarily what we do in every one of our Ancient Paths seminars Blessing generations seminars Empowering Relationships seminars overcoming Anger seminars I really encourage you to get on our website familyfoundations.com and find one of those seminars near you it will be life transforming life changing but the way that you break the power of the fear of death is letting the perfect love of God come to your heart so today perhaps God is speaking to you about an area where you’ve struggled maybe there’s an external sin you can trace it back to pride or rebelliion you can trace that back to a fear God doesn’t really love me or God won’t really take care of me and the only way you’re going to break that is experiencing the perfect love of God when love invades that area and you feel valued you feel like you’re taken care of perfect love drives out all the fear then it’s not a matter of trying to overcome something or try hard to stop this or that do you know the flesh’s need to do whatever that external thing was is gone when perfect love comes and its my prayer for you today that God would identify areas where there’s been a fear of death not physical death but a fear of rejection a fear that you’re going to lose something a relationship or a fear that you’re going to lose money or a fear in your business of some kind of loss and that today God’s perfect love would invade that that you’d hear his voice speaking to you I love you I love you I will take care of you I will meet your need you mean everything to me that you would hear that coming to your heart and that perfect love would drive out that fear so Father I pray that today I pray for you that the perfect love of God would touch the area of your fear even at this moment and God’s love would overwhelm your heart and the fear would be gone in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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