I Samuel 17:34-36

Confidence in Your Covenant


1 Samuel 17:34-36 but David said to Saul your servant was tending his father’s sheep when a lion or a bear came and took a lamb from the flock I went out after him and attacked him and rescued it from its mouth and when he rose up against me I seized him by his beard and struck him and killed him your servant has killed both the lion and the bear and this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them since he has taunted the armies of the living God this an incredible confidence that David has in God who should have gone out and killed the giant? well obviously the king the one with authority over Israel should have done it why didn’t he? the answer is he didn’t have confidence in the covenant that God had made with Israel David had confidence in the covenant David had confidence in God Saul was looking for big man and I discovered this in order for a covenant to do you any good 3 things have to be true number 1 you have to be in covenant if you’re not a participant in the covenant then the promise of covenant won’t help you you have to be born again you have to have accepted the blood of Messiah Jesus in order for that covenant to do you any good so you have to be in covenant number 2 you have to know the provisions of the covenant and number 3 you have to be willing to enforce those provisions against giants against enemies David had all 3 of those he was in covenant he knew the covenant he was willing to enforce it do you think Saul knew the covenant? I think he knew it cognitively, intellectually but he didn’t have confidence in his heart at least not enough to go enforce it against giants what does it mean to know the covenant? I think there’s two different kinds of knowledge the knowledge that it takes in order for a covenant to be effective is what I call bicycle knowledge the reason I call it bicycle knowledge is this it’s like a seven year old boy riding a bicycle he’s been riding it 2 or 3 years he’s good at it he rides all the way around and you ask that little boy do you know how to ride a bicycle? he says yes well tell me how do you know he couldn’t instruct you he couldn’t tell you any principles he just rides it let’s say on the other hand there’s a 35 years old man who took a course on bicycle riding and he got 100% score on his written test 29 principles for riding a bicycle he could tell you all 29 of those principles to ride a bicycle but has never ridden now if there were a race which one of those two people would win the race the 7 year old boy who rides everyday or the 35 year old man who got a 100% score on his written test but has never ridden a bicycle well all of us understand it would be the little boy why he has an inner image of riding a bicycle he can do it because he knows how to ride a bicycle the adult has the principles but has never done it so here’s the issue do you know the covenant provisions of the word of God Saul I believe he read Deuteronomy 9 he read the fact that God would go before them like a consuming fire he knew that intellectually he didn’t know it in his heart David knew it in his heart because he tested it out with a lion tested it out with a bear God apparently gave him a word if any wild animals attack your father’s sheep you have authority to kill them that’s a dangerous thing when you’re 15 years old I was at a zoo one time pondering just looking through a thin piece of glass at a large African male lion pacing back and forth thinking how would I kill him grab him by his beard and slay him it’s what David said he did I couldn’t imagine myself doing that and yet David had the confidence that God had given him a word he went and did that and he did the very same thing with the giant Goliath I believe David could have spit at that giant it would have killed him it wasn’t the little stone that killed the giant it was the word the authority that David had yes he used in the natural a stone and that killed the giant but it was the enforcing of the covenant God had given the Israelites I will go before you like a consuming fire David knew that so the issue today is in your life are there covenant promises that God has given you David needed to learn with lions and bears first you know I am convinced you need to learn how to beat the pygmies before you attack the giants you know better to learn with the small things if you need to learn the covenant promise of healing better to learn that on a cold or a headache before cancer comes if you understand what I’m saying we need to practice what God has given us in His word to learn His covenant provisions so the question today is what lions and bears are there that God wants you to practice on what aspect of his covenant is it maybe its not healing maybe its financial provision or maybe its just realizing God’s love for you maybe its restoration of a marriage there could be many areas what is the area of your life that God is speaking to you today that he has given you a covenant promise and you need to know that promise test it out like David did with the lion and the bear and watch God’s miracle power come I just want to pray for you Father I pray for my brother for my sister watching today that today would be a day of opportunity to test this out with lions or bears to test out your covenant what word are you speaking to me today that I’m to walk in grab hold of them by faith watch miracles come to pass Father I release miracle faith today in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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