2 Corinthians 5:19-20

You Are His Ambassador


2 Corinthians 5:19-20 namely that God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself not counting their trespasses against them and He has committed to us the word of reconciliation therefore we are ambassadors for Christ as though God were making an appeal through us we beg you on behalf of Christ be reconciled to God today I want to focus on this concept that you are an ambassador you’re not a tourist just wandering around you’re an ambassador on this earth an ambassador of Messiah Jesus and what does that mean? that means He’s given you authority to partner with Him to implement the policies of heaven on this earth what are the policies of heaven forgiveness eternal life healing these are policies of heaven that we’re to implement in the lives of people around us a man that I find understood this concept of being an ambassador better than anyone else is a man I met many years ago in the 1980’s a Nigerian man named Benson Idahosa when he started his ministry in Nigeria there were still human sacrifices on the street corners of his city after only a decade or so the vast majority of the city had been won to the Lord and he became well known in Nigeria powerful man of God many many miracles but he told me this story one time there was a witch in his city who had decided to have an international witch craft conference and he had publicized it all over and Dr. Idahosa was on a national television program just felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to say this he said in the name of Jesus I cancel this witch craft conference it will not be held in our city and that was all he said and left left town left the country on a ministry trip meanwhile the chief witch heard about that he got on national television and said who does Idahosa think he is he can’t cancel our witchcraft conference why all the visas have been granted ten thousand people are coming to our city the venue has been rented the hotel rooms have been booked he can’t stop that conference who does he think he is God himself will not stop our conference that’s what he said when Idahosa came back to town the press met him at the airport of course, and said Dr. Idahosa this is what the man said he said God himself will not stop the witch craft conference what do you say Dr. Idahosa said this he said I agree with that man they said what, what you agree with him? he said yes God will not stop the witch craft conference God will not waste his time to come to a city where he has sent his ambassador in the name of Jesus I cancel the conference now there is a man who understands what an ambassador is there is boldness and he told me privately afterwards Lord how are you going to do that because he had no idea well two days later one of the men from his church came to him who was a lawyer he said Dr. Idahosa I’ve been searching through some of the law books do you realize that witch craft is actually illegal in our nation and is punishable by death it’s a capital offense, it’s never enforced because there’s so much witchcraft all around us especially in the rural areas but it’s actually illegal and it’s a capital offense Dr. Idahosa said let me see that book meanwhile the chief witch had challenged him to a public debate on national tv Dr Idahosa accepted the night of the debate came the chief witch spoke about his conference and all they were doing for about 40-45 minutes then Dr. Idahosa had his turn he said my talk will be very short he said I just have one question he turned to the chief witch and he said please tell me Sir are you personally a practitioner of witch craft and if you are I have power to kill you and the man denied it he said no no I’m not personally a practitioner of witch craft Idahosa said that’s what I thought then he cited the law and he said there’s actually a national law against witch craft in our country it’s punishable by death he said I call upon the president of this nation to cancel the visas of all the tourists that are due to come to our nation in 2 weeks to spare us the embarrassment of having to put to death and execute 10,000 tourists and that’s all I have to say the phone at the TV station was ringing off the hook with people from the president’s office immediately after the broadcast asking for the citation of the law and Dr. Idahosa gave it to them the next day the president cancelled the visas of all the foreign tourists that were coming to that conference and that was the end of the witch craft conference that’s how that naturally occurred but what happened was Dr. Idahosa was a man who understood his ambassadorship and he said God will not waste his time to come to a city where he sent his ambassador He has given me instructions I have authority He will back me up it’s His word in the name of Jesus the Messiah I cancel the witch craft conference now he had an understanding of the sphere of authority in which God had called him to operate which was on a national level you may not be called to operate on a national level but you’re definitely called to be an ambassador to your family to your wife, your husband your children you may be an ambassador to a company you may be an ambassador to a city you may be an ambassador to a church but every one of us have a sphere of influence God has given us to operate in and we are called to be an ambassador to that sphere what sphere of influence has God called you to be an ambassador to today I encourage you take up your mantle of ambassadorship don’t walk through life today as a tourist as an individual walk as an ambassador in close communion with your government headquarters asking him does somebody need healing today does somebody need an encouraging word does somebody need blessing does somebody need to repent and give their life to the Lord how can I serve you today in the work place in my school in my home in the shopping mall every place I serve myself or I serve you, not serve myself that’s the opposite but everyplace I go today I want to serve you and be your ambassador so Father I pray for your grace upon each one of us to be your ambassador today in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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