Acts 3:4-8

In the Name of Yeshua Rise and Walk


Acts 3:4-8 but Peter along with John fixed his gaze on him and said look at us and he began to give them his attention expecting to receive something from them but Peter said I do not possess silver and gold but what I have I give you in the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, walk and seizing him by the right hand he raised him up and immediately his feet and ankles were strengthened with a leap he stood upright and began to walk and he entered the temple with them walking and leaping and praising God now where did Peter learn to do that where did he get the confidence to look a man in the eyes who had been lame for many many years probably Yeshua Himself had walked past that very man many times entering the temple never healed him and yet that day he had a from the Holy Spirit just a word that came to him he just had a desire and a word this is his day heal him and he was bold said I don’t have silver or gold but he reached out and grabbed him by the hand and said in the name of Yeshua rise up and walk Peter had to practice and fail a lot before he came to the point where he was succeeding that’s a question are you willing to fail in learning to walk in faith are you willing to pray for people who don’t get healed are you willing to give somebody a prophetic word and it’s completely wrong we don’t have to be right 100% of the time we’re going to practice we’re going to fail just like learning to ride a bicycle I don’t know anybody that just got on a bicycle and rode it the first time everybody I know fell over and practiced fell and practiced fell and got back on and fell many times until they began to ride Peter did the same thing in order to be the guy whose shadow falls on people and they get healed who walk up to people and say I don’t have silver or gold in the name of Yeshua rise up and walk, take them by the hand and they’re instantly healed that’s the same guy that went out on water walked on water and fell in the water and he’s the only guy out of the 12 that Yeshua looked at him and said oh you of little faith how would you like for Yeshua to look at you and say you of little faith if Peter had little faith I guess the other guys had no faith he’s the only guy that tried Peter was the guy that cut off the servant’s ear and Yeshua had to heal the servant put it back on can you imagine that cut off the ear and Yeshua just there he goes again picks up the ear heals him puts it back on how would you like to be that guy Peter was the only guy that told Yeshua Oh Lord I’ll die for you denied him 3 times he was the guy that when Yeshua said who am I he said you are the Messiah the son of the living God and then a couple minutes later he’s telling him you’re not going to die and Yeshua this is the only guy recorded in the whole bible where Yeshua looked him in the eyes and said to him get behind me satan how would you like Yeshua to look at you and say get behind me satan what’s my point? Peter was willing to practice Peter was willing to fail Peter was willing to grab hold of what he thought was right and try it and that’s how we learn and Peter learned and he came to the point where he was able to walk up to a man grab him by the hand and say in the name of Yeshua rise and walk and that man had to do something that he had previously been unable to do and he was healed instantly by the power and the authority that flowed through Peter he learned that by practice here’s my point all of us need to practice are you willing to pray for sick people and risk them not being healed that’s the only way you’re going to learn I’ve prayed for lots and lots of people who didn’t get healed but now I’ve prayed for lots and lots of people who did get healed and the more I pray for people the more I see God heals them and that’s how we learn so I’m just encouraging you walk by faith be willing to take a risk be like Peter be willing to do things that need to be corrected you know God is good at cleaning up messes I believe he doesn’t mind cleaning up our messes when we move by faith so I pray that today supernatural grace would come upon you to practice to move by faith to be a Peter to be willing to take a risk in your business be willing to take a risk in your family be willing to take a risk with people around you pray for them speak a word to them just remember this if you love God with all your heart and you seek to bless people around you God’s anointing and grace will flow through you and you will make a difference in the world around you Amen


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