Deuteronomy 23:2

Close the Door of Iniquity


Deuteronomy 23:2 no one of illegitimate birth shall enter the assembly of the LORD none of his descendants even to the tenth generation shall enter the assembly of the LORD wow what an impacting scripture what God showed me as I prayed about that the reason that this says that no one of Illigitimate birth shall enter the assembly of the LORD for ten generations is not because God won’t receive them do you know why it is it’s because the enemy has a legal right to keep them out that’s a principle that just passes down sexual sin opens a door to the enemy not for 3 to 4 generations for 10 generations I know some people have said but I’m a Christian didn’t all that go away when I received Jesus it was potentially the blood of Jesus available to you to break the power of that that is a curse that is just released for generations if I were the devil and I could impact ten generations through one area of iniquity one sin in a particular generation and it would impact 10 generations I’d work hard on that one and I believe satan does he works hard to get people to have sexual relationship with one another when they’re not in a covenant of marriage not realizing that there’s a hedge of protection that comes in the covenant of marriage that protects unborn children when people don’t realize that they potentially open a door in the spirit for the enemy to keep their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren from coming into the congregation of the Lord coming to know Messiah for many many generations the good news is yes the blood of Yeshua Jesus the Messiah was shed but it doesn’t just automatically go away we have to take that blood break the power of that curse that might have been released through our own actions through our own activity if you really want to understand more about this or actually actuate this in your life I really encourage you to come to one of our Blessing Generations seminars where we’re not only talking about this but we have an opportunity to help people break that over their children and grandchildren it passes from generation to generation I found this out in the most amazing way a woman came to me one time at the break in a particular meeting and she said I have a horrible problem with my 5 year old son he’s full of lust he looks at pornography anytime he can get his hands on it he knows all the latest sexual jokes he’s like an adult sexually and I said that is really strange most 5 year olds I know aren’t even alive or awake to sex she said yeah that’s true but not my son she said he’s disruptive at school he touches other little girls in inappropriate ways touches grown women in inappropriate ways she said I don’t know what to do he’s been seeing a psychiatrist for about 3 months that hasn’t helped our pastor has prayed for him her pastor was standing right next to her he was affirming yeah this really is this bad she said can you help I said let’s pray and as we began to pray you know what the Lord revealed I said God let’s just start at the very beginning of this little boy’s life that’s what the Lord showed me I said to the woman let’s start at the beginning how was he conceived tears came to her eyes and she said that was a very immoral time in my life and actually the night he was conceived as close as I can tell I was with more than one man several different men and I’m not even sure which one would be his father as she said that the Lord showed me that what had happened is this very verse the principle here she had opened a door in the spirit and this was operative in her little boy’s life he had actually been demonized by demonic spirit of lust at the very moment of conception and that demonic spirit was operative through him now as a little boy and had quickened and made him alive to sexual things as a very little boy she didn’t know how to deal with that so I shared with her how to take the blood of Yeshua and break the power of that curse close the door that she had opened in the spirit through her own fornication sexual relationship outside of the covenant of marriage which she later did came back and reported to me that the demonic spirit instantly left she and her husband brought her little son in to her pastor they prayed broke the power of that she closed the door that she had opened in the spirit applied the blood of Jesus broke this curse that had been released over her son’s life she began weeping when she was telling me she said I got my son back I got my son back she said I don’t know how to thank you it’s just amazing he’s a normal 5 year old little boy doesn’t know anything about sex doesn’t know any of those jokes doesn’t remember any of the words just completely innocent like any 5 year old I thought Lord that is amazing and what I learned was this the covenant of marriage is the protective hedge spiritually that protects children from being demonized in the womb and I find many people don’t understand that they think marriage is just a piece of paper no it’s not there’s a spiritual protection that comes with the covenant of marriage that protects children in the womb that simply is not there with two people who are sleeping with one another having sexual relationship with one another and no covenant of marriage intact they potentially release this curse upon children for 10 generations and that is just critical for us to understand in the body of Messiah that we realize yes the blood of Yeshua was shed but we need to apply it to break this curse and we don’t want to continue operating in this opening doors in the spirit for our children and our grandchildren we need to understand the value and the importance of the covenant of marriage I know there are many maybe watching this today thinking oh my goodness I opened that door I had sexual relationship before I was married and now I have a son or a daughter you can apply the blood of Jesus you can pray and break the power of that close that door of iniquity if you’re not sure how to do that we have materials that talk about that we have seminars Blessing Generations as I mentioned that can help you with that I just want to pray today Father I pray for each person watching me today thank you for the blood of Yeshua that was shed for us and Father for every one of us who are conceived outside of the protective hedge of marriage ourselves Father I take the blood of Yeshua the Messiah and I break that curse that would pass for many generations the feeling of not belonging the feeling of not being valuabe the feeling of being illegitimate Father I pray that you’d just reach way down inside and right now pull that feeling out that feeling I don’t belong I’m not valuable and Lord what’s the truth what did you want to say to me even when I was a little child in the womb, who am I just ask the Lord Lord what did you want to say to me let him speak to you Father I pray that you continue speaking to us all day speaking who am I what did you want to say to me the Lord says to everyone who is conceived out of wedlock there’s no such thing as an illegitimate child there are only illegitimate parents and God says maybe your mother wasn’t planning for you but God said I was planning for you your mother only carried you for 9 months in her womb I carried you thousands of years in my spirit and at just the right time I released you on planet earth because I love you and you have a destiny you’re unique that’s the word of the Lord to you today to every one of us he planned for us that’s why we’re here there are no Illegitimate children just on occasion Illegitimate parents God bless you


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