Romans 2:4

God’s Kindness Leads to Repentance


Romans 2:4 or do you think lightly of the riches of his kindness and tolerance and patience not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance God just spoke that verse to me today the kindness of God leads to repentance how do you change somebody around you to get them to repent everyone of us have people in our family people at work people around us and we’re thinking I wish that person would change I wish that person would repent why don’t they see that why do they continue walking in that wrong direction or I thought many times when somebody stole from me or lied about me or cheated me or hurt me that person needs to repent you know what happened many times I thought well God will send a lightening bolt and get them you now what happened instead they prospered I thought God why are you prospering that person don’t you know what they did don’t you know that they’re evil they hurt me they stole from me and then I read this verse and it says it’s not the judgement of God that leads people to repentance it’s not the condemnation of God that leads people to repentance its the kindness the goodness of God that leads people to repentance so why is God pouring out kindness on that person to lead them to repentance that is the just the opposite of how our natural carnal mind thinks we think well God if you would judge them they’d repent and yet here we read right here do you not know the kindness of God leads you to repentance and you know when I need to repent I don’t want judgement I don’t want condemnation I don’t want people telling me all the things that are wrong so how do you change somebody around you the classic example I think of is a story from long ago David Wilkerson and Niki Cruz in New York City David Wilkerson was a rural area preacher that came from a small town went to New York City and started working with Puerto Rican street gangs and Niki Cruz was a hardened criminal street gang guy who had grown up in the city and everyday David Wilkerson would come and what did he do his goal was to bring Nikki to repentance to bring Nikki to receive the Lord to be born again to give his life to Yeshua so what did he do come and tell Nikki all the bad things he did you’re a thief, you’re a murderer you’re a liar, you’re an evil guy no he came everyday and he told Nkiki Jesus loves you, Jesus loves you Jesus died for you I saw the movie and read the book and the climax comes when Nikki takes out a switchblade puts it to David Wilkerson’s throat and says if you tell me one more time you skinny preacher Jesus loves me I’m going to cut you into a thousand ribbons and David’s response was Nikki you can can cut me into a thousand ribbons if you want every ribbon is still going to cry out Jesus loves you and that was the day that Nikki Cruz could not stand the kindness of God flowing though this man David Wilkerson any longer fell to his knees and repented and gave his life to the Lord and became a powerful evangelist winning many many other people to the Lord for the rest of his life so what is it that brought a hardened criminal New York city’s street gang member to the Lord it wasn’t judgement it wasn’t condemantion it wasn’t telling him all the things that he did wrong it was the kindness of God flowing through another man that brought that man to repentance so is there an area this would…. there are two ways you can see this is there an area of your life where you need God’s kindness to bring you to repentance second thing for people around you how are you going to bring them to repentance it will not be by telling them all the things they’ve done wrong by condemning them judging them what it will be is demonstrating the love of God to them and as that flows through you to people around you as you bless people as you love people as they see your love for the Lord that’s what brings people to repentance that’s what releases the anointing and the power of God so I encourage you once again today love God with all your heart bless and be kind to people around you and you will see many of them repent I just believe God will bring bring specific people to your mind to remind you of this scripture passage today God Bless You as you go through your day


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