Romans 3:27-31

Faith Establishes, Not Eliminates the Torah


Romans 3:27-31 where then is boasting it is excluded by what kind of law of works no but by a law of faith for we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law or is God the God of Jews only is He not the God of the gentiles also yes of gentiles also since indeed God who will justify the circumcised by faith and the uncircumcised through faith is one do we then nullify the law through faith may it never be on the contrary we establish the law when we walk by faith it doesn’t mean we violate all the things of Torah it means the things of Torah are naturally in our hearts and we naturally walk in those things you know what we find is that the word that God has put in our heart are things that He’s written in His word when we’re born again the bible says He writes His law in our hearts and so grace is not God’s permission to violate all the things He wrote in His word and it’ll be ok grace is not the permission of God to do wrong grace is God’s empowerment to do right and so what he is saying here is that when we walk by faith we uphold what Torah says we uphold what God has written in his word what is the word what is Torah God gave me this little picture one time we are all like wet cement our character is being formed all the time Torah is like the wooden forms that cement is poured in to when you want to make a wall if you want to make a wall if you just pour cement it won’t form naturally into a wall it just forms a pile so you put wooden forms there and you pour the cement within those wooden forms and that causes the cement to retain its shape the bible the word of God Torah this is God’s forms these are the wooden forms that he puts, you’re like the cement and those forms need to remain in place as a law as it were until your character is established and hardened when do I not need a wooden form around me anymore with a cement wall when the cement is hardened and it naturally retains that shape when do you not need the commandment anymore in your life when your character is formed and you will follow those things naturally and so that’s why Paul says do we nullify the law through faith we’re called to walk by faith we realize that does that mean that we just throw out all the forms we just break all the wooden forms and let piles of cement be everywhere and make no laws no no no if we’re going to build things that are useful then we’re going to have to have forms that set the boundaries until the cement of our character is hardened and is set in place and that’s what Torah is that’s what the bible is that’s what law is it’s like forms that establish boundaries for the wet cement until that cement is hardened so therefore when we walk by faith it doesn’t mean we violate all the things in the word of God no it means by faith we’re empowered by God’s grace and our faith to uphold and walk in those forms that God has called us to and when we do that when we walk by faith we release a sweet fragrance of the Lord himself to everybody around us we’re attractive to people when we naturally uphold those things that God has said in his word so I pray for you today that today as you walk by faith it wouldn’t be violating all the things in the word of God but it would be upholding and demonstrating the things that God has said in his word manifesting in your life today in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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