Matthew 5:31-32

Biblical Grounds for Divorce?


Matthew 5:31-32 it was said who ever sends his wife away let him give her a certificate of divorce but I say to you that everyone who divorces his wife except for the reason of unchastity makes her commit adultery and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery I’ve heard this scripture used many times and people say that is biblical grounds for divorce this scripture has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with committing adultery during the course of a marriage it actually is talking about fornication this is something that takes place before a marriage not adultery during the marriage the actual biblical grounds for divorce is death we’ve talked about that many times because God and Yeshua in his earthly life viewed marriage as a covenant there’s only one thing that breaks a covenant and that is death so let’s look at what Yeshua actually said here in verse 32 but I say to you everyone who divorces his wife and let’s just look at what he says happens let’s say a man just divorces his wife because he wants to wants to trade her in for a younger model what did he do Yeshua said he caused her to commit adultery why does a man divorcing his wife cause the wife to commit adultery she’s an innocent party she didn’t want the divorce she’s standing against it and I believe it’s this reason in that culture a woman couldn’t work for a man to divorce her he puts her in a financially destitute position most women only have 3 options number 1 they can become a beggar and just beg for money at the side of the road not a great option number 2 oldest profession in the world she could sell her body and become a prostitute to survive also not a great option number 3 she could remarry somebody else that’s the option most people will choose what does Yeshua call the remarriage of the innocent wife who’s been wrongly divorced by her husband He calls it adultery why because he views marriage as a covenant so a man who wrongly divorces his wife in that culture is virtually forced his wife into a position of committing adultery to survive by remarrying and then in the second half of that verse what does he call the remarriage of this divorced woman it says that he makes her commit adultery and whoever marries the divorced woman commits adultery what divorced woman? the one He’s talking about that was just wrongly divorced from her husband the man who comes and marries the innocent woman who’s been divorced from her husband also commits adultery now what about this thing where He says except for and this particular translation says except for the reason of unchastity what it actually says in Greek it says except for porneia it doesn’t use the word for adultery which is moicheio but it actually says except for the reason of porneia he makes her commit moicheio now I believe the Holy Spirit would have chosen the word moicheio if this was referring to adultery but He didn’t He chose the word porneia and that’s a very broad word it could be many things but what I believe Yeshua is talking about here is simply this in that Jewish culture Matthew was a Jewish man Yeshua was a Jew this was written to a Jewish audience in that culture a man has to write a certificate of divorce to break a betrothal to break an engagement this is what Joseph was intent on doing when he found that his betrothed Mary was with child he naturally assumed she’d committed fornication she had been with a man his intent was to divorce her and put her away quietly they hadn’t gone through a marriage ceremony yet they were only betrothed but in order to break a betrothal you have to write a certificate of divorce I believe that’s exactly what Yeshua was talking about here he was saying except if they haven’t been married yet and they’re betrothed and she’s found to have committed fornication then yes the appropriate process is divorce her and don’t marry her not talking any thing about after the wedding ceremony has taken place they’re already married so really if you look at this what he’s saying is a man wrongly divorces his wife he’s forced her into a position of probably committing adultery by remarrying and whoever comes and remarries that woman commits adultery now the only case this isn’t true is in the case of fornication which is before the marriage where this woman has committed fornication then the appropriate thing is to divorce her and not proceed with the marriage the purpose is mitigating sin not creating more of it by divorcing after the marriage is already taken place the point I’m making is this I don’t believe that adultery is at all biblical grounds for divorce I believe this is a deception that’s destroying marriages and destroying our culture actually if you think about it death is what terminates a covenant not adultery because if adultery terminates a covenant that means if we commit adultery against the Lord then he has a right to permanently terminate covenant with us and that’s not his attitude He said in Hebrews 13:5 I’ll never leave you nor forsake you what we see in the old covenant the remedy for adultery stone the adulterer kill them in the new covenant the remedy for adultery is yes somebody must be killed Yeshua was killed on behalf of the adulterer that the adulterer might be forgiven so the remedy for adultery in the old covenant is death the remedy for adultery in the new covenant is forgiveness the remedy for adultery in no covenant in the Bible is divorce divorce is never a remedy for adultery it’s either stoning in the old covenant or forgiveness in the new covenant the reason I say that I have just seen literally hundreds of marriages restored after adultery and I’ve seen pastors give very wrong counsel many times to couples well if your husband committed adultery you can divorce him or your wife committed adultery you have biblical grounds I’m telling you that is covenant breaking that is wrong yes as painful as adultery is God is an incredible healer and restorer of marriage I know I’m talking to somebody today where adultery has happened and I’m telling you God can heal your heart God can forgive you God can forgive the adulterer God can restore God is just an incredible healer and restorer of marriages and it’s just so critical to understand that God wants to restore and heal every marriage one other thing I just want to touch I know there are many many people that are in second marriages third marriages, fourth marriages there have been one divorce or multiple divorces in your life I’m not saying this to bring any kind of judgement or condemnation upon you what I would suggest is that you ask God God what do you want me to do? but what I know is this the blood of Yeshua is available to forgive anything we’ve ever done wrong and there are no exceptions to that everything can be forgiven so if you read that and condemnation comes to you don’t accept condemnation just say Lord I receive your forgiveness if I did this wrongly in the past forgive me that’s the answer but I just want to pray for marriages that need healing so Father I pray right now for anybody that’s separated from a husband or wife anybody where there’s a great struggle in marriage anybody that’s on the verge of divorce I pray for your marriage right now and I just release the healing balm of the blood of Yeshua Ha Mashiach to flow over you to bring restoration reconciliation and healing to your marriage in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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