2 Thessalonians 3:10

Go Find Someone to Serve


2 Thessalonians 3:10 for even when we were with you we used to give you this order if anyone is not willing to work then he is not to eat either that seems like a hard word but here’s what that is telling us that scripture tells us you were created by God to serve humanity not to make money you were created to contribute something to the economy money is a result of that a lot of people think that the goal of work is making money that’s not necessarily true the goal of work is to contribute something productive to the economy a friend of mine told me this he said the Bible says this is a friend of mine in Brazil and he said the Bible says a man who doesn’t work shouldn’t eat so the bible says you should work it doesn’t necessarily say you need to be paid I thought now that is an interesting concept you need to work but you don’t need to be paid what does that mean that means everyone of us can find something productive to do a productive way to serve I had another friend who was in his late 60’s who had lost his job been employed for a long time the company was downsizing and he lost his employment and he still needed to work to provide for his family but he was having difficulty because of his age and he was sitting in his basement calling on the phone sending out resumes and he had been doing that for a couple months finding no employment I shared this scripture and this concept with him I said the Bible says you need to work it doesn’t say you need to be paid he said what do you mean I said why don’t you just find a place to serve why don’t you find someone that has need of what you’re good at what you’ve been trained to do your service go and offer your service to them just bless somebody it’s much better than sitting in your basement doing nothing waiting for the phone to ring He said you know you’re right I’m going to do that within a few days he found a place to serve just offered his services for free because the Bible said he should work but not necessarily be paid so he offered his services for free began to bless that company the company began to prosper with what he had to offer and he was working started out part time and then he was working more and more and more and finally he actually did get a call from one of the resumes he had sent out and somebody he had a job interview and somebody was wanting to hire him and he told the company he had been working for next week I’m not going to be able to continue to work here I’ve been offered a job over here and I’m going to need to take that to feed my family and the boss said whoah whoah whaoh wait a minute let’s talk about that and what had happened he had become so valuable they couldn’t afford to lose him and they offered him more than what the other company was willing to pay him and the principle is if you will serve as unto the Lord use your gifts use your talents use your skills to bless people God is the one who will provide for you not a man God provides wherever there’s a vision God always makes provision I read an interesting book that was written by a Jewish Rabbi and he said all of us were made to serve and he said in Hebrew language there’s not really a word for retirement now the way you serve at age 80 is probably different than the way you serve at age 40 but he said whenever people stop serving they die within a very short period of time and scripture confirms that without a vision my people perish and so a vision to serve is what God created us for this same man said when I sit down next to people on airplanes I frequently ask them what do you do to serve humanity and he said people often tell me about their charity work I raise money for the cancer society or this or that and he said no no no I want to know what you do everyday to serve humanity and it never dawned on many people ohh my business my employment is a service I produce a good or a service that benefits people around me yes I was called to do that people are not just called to be pastors or missionaries or evangelists everyone of us are called to serve others so what is a business a business is serving other people what is employment serving other people finding a way to serve and so this scripture says all of us are called to serve all of us are called to work but you don’t necessarily need to be paid and there’s an admonition here everybody needs to work so I encourage you find an area of service plug in and begin to serve and you know what provision always follows vision I know this is a specific word for somebody today that you’re unemployed this is a word for you specifically I know that in my spirit but it’s actually a word for all of us to understand our work is service unto the Lord so today serve those around you love God bless people you will make a difference


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