I Chronicles 12:32

Be One Who Understands the Times


1 Chronicles 12:32 of the sons of Issachar men who understood the times with knowledge of what Israel should do their chiefs were 200 and all their kinsmen were at their command this scripture says the sons of Issachar were a tribe who understood the times to know what Israel ought to do they were sort of like the secret intelligence organization of Israel that gathered intelligence processed it and determined what ought to take place what needed to happen and we need people like that today in the body of Messiah people who understand the times to know what Israel ought to do this is the job of the sons of Issachar I believe many of us are called to be sons of Issachar we’re to be ones that have understanding of what the word of God says understanding of the circumstances that we see going on around us and to be able to draw conclusions as to what we’re to do many people only function and operate through natural knowledge through their 5 senses what they see, what they hear what they feel, sense, touch, taste and they don’t discern in the spirit we need to walk in spirit and truth both sides this is like the spies that went in to spy out the land of Caanan 12 went in 12 came back 10 said let’s not go up the people are too big and we’ll be defeated 2 of them said let’s go up what happened they all saw and experienced the same thing but only 2 of them were really sons of Issachar they weren’t actually from the tribe of Issachar that I know of but they were ones who discerned in the spirit and understood we need to be people like that regarding economic seasons and cycles regarding political seasons and cycles regarding seasons and cycles in your own family in your own marriage in your own business people that prosper in business are people that understand cycles everything cycles an economy cycles business cycles everything cycles and people that understand a cycle and prepare for the next phase of the season, the next season or the next phase of the cycle prosper the people that were unprepared are wiped out the people that don’t understand what’s coming and prepare for it get wiped out I just think economically this happened in year 2008 year 2001 we had here in the United states and many other parts of the world huge economic downturns and after that 2002, 2009 I heard many people say who could have known why nobody could have anticipated this nobody saw this coming that wasn’t true no who saw it coming? sons of Issachar people who had knowledge of the times understanding of the seasons people who could interpret what was happening in the spirit who could look at economic cycles look at economic data and draw conclusion yes there’s going to be a huge downturn the reason I say some could have known is because I understood that in both of those seasons Jan and I prepared for it and instead of being wiped out and devastated in 2001 and 2008 those were some of the best years economically for us for a very simple reason we had prepared in advance for an economic downturn because in looking at economic data listening to prophetic words looking at and understanding cycles that were in the Bible we understood there were downturns coming and so we need to be sons of Issachar not just to understand economic cycles but to understand what cycle in your marriage are you in what season are you in with your children how do you prepare for the next season how do you prepare for the next financial season how do you prepare for the next season in your physical health these are all cycles and sons of Issachar understand the times and know what Israel ought to do so my prayer for you today is that you would be a son of Issachar and the question is in what area of my life God are you speaking to me what cycle do I need to understand is it my business is there a new cycle a new season coming is it in my family in my marriage with my children in my physical health in my season of life Father what are you speaking to me about what is it that I need to understand and I pray that today God would show you very specifically cycles that are operative in your life that you would be one of the sons of Issachar who understood the times to know what Israel ought to do not one of the people who said who could have known who could have understood and so I pray that you will be one of the sons of Issachar but not just for yourself that you would take others with you that you would bless other people you know as I say many times love God with all your heart bless people and you will make a difference


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