Jeremiah 48:11-12

God Sends Those Who Tip Our Vessels


Jeremiah 48:1-12 Moab has been at ease since his youth he has also been undisturbed like wine on it’s dregs he has not been emptied from vessel to vessel nor has he gone into exile therefore he retains his flavor and his aroma has not changed therefore behold the days are coming declares the Lord when I will send to him those who tip vessels and they will tip him over and they will empty his vessels and shatter his jars that’s a little bit of an obscure scripture you may be wondering what on earth is he going to say about this one God gave me a revelation from this scripture many many years ago and here’s what He said to me He said son you have not changed you’re like what’s being described here you’re stuck in a rut you’re in a place where you’re not allowing change to come to pass in your life and what’s actually being described here is a wine making process where a vintner who’s creating fine wine crushes the grapes put them in a particular vessel they may remain in that vessel for a period of time to ferment when the fermentation process has gone a certain amount or for a certain period of time in that vessel the wise vintner pours the wine out of that vessel into a totally different vessel and leaves the dregs which is the sour fermented part behind if you never allow yourself to be poured from one vessel to another what happens you become bitter you become sour you sit in your own dregs and the vinegar begins to poison or make the wine sour and bitter and so that’s why the wine maker pours it into another vessel and then another vessel and another vessel and this is describing exactly the process that God takes us through it’s like a wine making process and that’s what’s being described here and what he is saying what the prophet is saying to Moab is you haven’t allowed change you insist on remaining in that exact same place and you never change and you’re becoming stale you’re becoming bitter your dregs are beginning to contaminate the fine wine I was trying to make from you and he said what the prophetic word that the Lord spoke to me was this therefore behold days are coming declares the Lord I will send those who tip vessels and the Lord said if you won’t voluntarily allow change then change will come to you there will be those who will tip vessels things happen sometimes we lose a job we have a disappointment there’s a financial set back and sometimes we determine that’s a horrible thing but you know many times what it is it’s just somebody tipping vessels moving us into another vessel when you look at this analogy of wine being poured into a vessel there’s some vessels that are completely dark like a wooden cask you don’t see anything you don’t hear anything it’s like in that season of life you don’t see God moving you don’t hear his voice nothing’s happening there are other vessels that are translucent for example like a glass type of vessel and there you can see clearly and you understand what’s going on a lot more then there are vessels that are a very strange shape and nobody wants to be in that misshapen or strange vessel that makes you very uncomfortable this is just the process that God takes us through in life so the question today is are you allowing God to pour you from vessel to vessel to change seasons in your life to allow change to take place so that you don’t become stale so that you don’t become bitter that you don’t become just stuck in a rut and so that God doesn’t have to send people to tip our vessels all the time but God we want to voluntarily allow Him to do that and so that was just a relvelation God gave me many years ago He spoke that to me and I just felt like somebody needed to hear that today that today is your day to allow God to just shift the season in your life to accept a new season to accept a changing of the vessel being poured into a different vessel and to let it be ok to be in the vessel you’re in to know it’s a season you’ll just remain in that vessel for a time and then God will pour you into another vessel this is the normal process that God uses in our lives but when we resist change and we don’t allow God to change things in us to change our attitudes to change circumstances in our lives then we become stale and sometimes we become bitter that’s just a revelation that I got from Jeremiah 48 and I believe that is for several people hearing this today that that’s your situation it’s time to allow God to bring change into your life remember everyday just press in love God with all your heart bless people around you and you will make a difference


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