Psalm 37:21

Understand Who is Wicked and Who is Righteous Pertaining to Money


Psalm 37:21 the wicked borrows and does not pay back but the righteous is gracious and gives yesterday we looked at proverbs 13:22 and it says the wealth of the right…pardon me the wealth of the wicked or the sinner is stored up for the righteous and we talked about who are the wicked and the righteous I plugged these two words into my Bible computer in my concordance and the very first scripture that came up is this one Psalm 37:21 and it defines exactly these Hebrew words who are the wicked and who are the righteous the definition might shock you here’s what it says the wicked borrows and does not pay back what’s the definition of the wicked in the usage of money a person who borrows and doesn’t pay back and who is the righteous that’s the one who is gracious and gives to other people you know what I realized one of the worst situations that people can be in financially is to take on lots of debt I believe that’s one of the biggest problems we have in the world economy there’s too much debt in most nations too much debt in the Federal Government in state government in city governments too much debt in corporations and companies too much debt in families too much debt in individuals and the problem with that is when economic shaking comes there’s a huge transfer of wealth and who does it go from it goes from those who have borrowed and can’t pay back to those who show mercy and give who are those who show mercy and give by in large people who have no debt just think about this if you’re up to your eyeballs in debt how easy is it for you to show mercy or be gracious to other people and give very very difficult wealth in general in economic shaking times tends to transfer from people who have a lot of debt to people who have no debt it transfers from those who have borrowed and do not pay back because they can’t to those who have no debt have a little bit of extra cash and my father told me in the last great depression we had here in the United States in the 1930’s my dad grew up in a farm an rural area of Wisconsin and he said you know my best friend his family lost their farm I said why did they lose it? he said the bank repossessed it I said well why was that they couldn’t make the payments on it because when the economy went down they were dairy farmers they got less money for their milk they couldn’t make the payments expenses were too high bank repossessed the farm I said to my dad who bought it he said that’s very interesting he said a family that had no debt they paid cash for it I said how much did they pay for it he said you know he laughed he said I don’t know exactly but it was 5 or 10 % of it’s former value very small amount and I saw exactly proverbs 13:22 in operation what we read yesterday so if we plug these definitions in who are the righteous and who are the wicked regarding money to Proverbs 13:22 the scripture would say this the wealth of those who have borrowed and do not pay back is stored up for those who are gracious and give and my Dad told me that’s exactly what happened he said many people lost their farms they lost their houses they lost their businesses they lost their cars why, couldn’t pay bank repossessed it who bought it people who had almost no debt or zero debt paid very small amount for it you know that’s a powerful powerful principle that God has said we’re to lend and not borrow as his people that is absolutely counter cultural I believe there’s a cultural deception that’s come upon almost the whole world where people think debt is normal I run into people all the time who think you couldn’t have a house if you didn’t borrow money from a bank you couldn’t have a car if you didn’t borrow money from a bank my wife Jan and I we have a house we have no debt on it I have two sons my oldest son has a house he didn’t borrow money from a bank my youngest son will buy a house probably within the next year he won’t borrow money from a bank people say how is that possible that just goes to show how perverted and distorted our thinking is that people think debt is normal you couldn’t have a house you couldn’t have a car you couldn’t have many things without debt I’ve written several books about this and several teaching series about this I encourage you to get a hold of some of those resources and find out how could you set up a system where your children would be able to have a house and not borrow money from a bank your grandchildren and your great grandchildren how is that possible well by the word of God you know some people think you must be very wealthy no no no no I’ve just been a normal person with a normal type of income who got a revelation from God of what He said in his word and began to implement His ancient path principles and we saw miracles supernatural things happen we took natural steps God did supernatural things I just believe that there’s a shaking time coming a huge transfer of wealth we want to make sure we’re on the correct side of that I just feel lead to pray today for people that are struggling with a lot of debt and if that’s you I just want to pray Father I pray for each person watching this devotional this daily Spirit and Truth today Father people that are in debt Father I pray for a release of a supernatural miracle Father as my brother, my sister begin to do natural things Father would you do supernatural things and break the power of that spirit of debt father I just pray that we would walk in the supernatural and see your miraculous hand upon our lives delivering each one from debt that we might be on the correct side of the wealth transfer equation Father I pray these things with the authority of Yeshua Messiah Amen


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