Mark 5:14-19

God Can Restore Anyone!


Mark 5:14-19 their Herdsmen ran away and reported it in the city and in the country and the people came to see what it was that had happened they came to Jesus and observed the man who had been demon possessed sitting down clothed and in his right mind the very man who had had the legion and they became frightened those who had seen it described to them how it had happened to the demon possessed man and all about the swine and they began to implore HIm to leave their region as He was getting into the boat the man who had been demon possessed was imploring Him that he might accompany Him and He did not let him but He said to him go home to your people and report to them what great things the LORD has done for you and how He had mercy on you and he went away and began to proclaim in Decapolis what great things Jesus had done for him and everyone was amazed I actually went through verse 20 there you know this is the story of what’s commonly called the Gadarene demoniac I mean this was a man that most people would have thought is beyond help this is a man that lived out in the tombs or in the modern day in a cemetery so to speak a homeless man a man that couldn’t even live in society a man with all kinds of addictions a man that was demonized by a legion of demons thousands of demons had consumed him this man ran around naked in the tomb scaring everybody when they tried to bind him with chains the demons inside of him were so strong he’d break the chains he’d chase people beat people scare everybody and this was a horrible horrible man but what most people forget this man was probably somebody’s father and husband from the town near by I’ve had many women come to me and say I want a divorce my husband is terrible I read some of them this story and they go that’s him that’s my husband that’s the guy alcoholic, demonized womanizer, abusive aggressive full of demons, this guy what I want to share with you today there’s nobody beyond hope nobody beyond help this man nobody would have thought they’d ever see in the town again as a matter of fact when he was set free he told Jesus let me just go with you why did he say that? because I’m sure he thought I’ve ruined ever relationship I’ve ever had at home I can’t go back home my wife won’t want to have anything to do with me the way I’ve treated her my children won’t want to see me the way that I’ve treated them nobody in town will want to employ me or have anything to do with me I’ve destroyed all my relationships but Yeshua told him no no I won’t let you go with me you go back home to your wife to your children to your family you tell them what great things God has done for you and how God had Mercy on you the reason I share this with you is you might be facing a horrible situation maybe you have a terrible situation in your marriage or with a son or with a daughter or with an employer or employee or somebody you’re in relationship with I want to tell you their day will come. when they will have a dramatic encounter with the living resurrected Jesus Messiah and when that happens their life will be totally changed just like happened to this man this isn’t something unique to him what God did for him He would do for your relative as well for your husband for your wife several instances come to mind I’m thinking of some friends of mine Joe and Stephanie in the early years of their marriage had a horrific time Stephanie knew the LORD Joe was unsaved he was a homicide detective he’d get his pistol out point it at his wife and say tell me you love me or I’ll shoot you he’d threaten suicide he’d threaten to kill her it was a horrible situation eventually they were separated and a lot of circumstances ensued but you know in the end Joe had an encounter with the living resurrected LORD Jesus Christ it totally changed his life and God restored and put their marriage back together in a supernatural way what I’m telling you that God did for Joe and Stephanie He’ll do for you another couple comes to mind that was Charles and Rita do you know that Rita fell in love with the pastor at her church they both divorced their spouses the pastor and Rita they ran off together Charles just remained faithful and said God I’m fighting for my wife I’m fighting for my marriage and Rita was like this Gadarene demoniac one day she had a dramatic encounter with the resurrected living Yashua Ha Mashiach her life was changed the demons were cast into the swine as it were she left the man that she had been living with returned home and God restored their marriage the reason I’m saying this there is nobody beyond help I’ve seen lots of Gadarene demoniacs that are people that are alcoholic abusive horrible types of situations and yet everyone of them has an encounter with the LORD one day and I just say this to give you hope that maybe there are people you know maybe not in your immediate family but somebody you need to pray for that everbody says that’s beyond hope that could never be restored that marriage will never be restored that relationship will never be healed that is a lie that’s not true and for some reason or another it seems like people can believe God to heal cancer but they can’t believe God to heal a marriage can’t believe God to restore a relationship and I just want to tell you I just believe that God will bring to your mind if it’s not in your immediate family somebody you know that is like this Gadarene demoniac that needs deliverance that needs to be set free that needs a dramatic encounter with the resurrected living Yeshua Ha Mashiach I just want to pray for that person that God brought to your mind and maybe it’s in your immediate family maybe it’s your husband maybe it’s your wife maybe everybody said that marriage could never be restored and maybe in your own heart you’re thinking who would want to married to this man well nobody would want to be married to him as he was but after he’s had that encounter he becomes the man of your dreams the woman of your dreams and I believe that will happen for you so Father that’s my prayer that for every Gadarene demoniac that was brought to my mind Father we intercede today that a miracle would happen and what you did for Joe and Stephanie what you did for Charles and Rita and what you did for this man we read about in Mark 5 you would do for that one that you brought to my mind Father I believe it I trust you to do a miracle to initiate it today in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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