Numbers 29:1-6

The Feast of Trumpets


Numbers 29:1-6 now in the seventh month on the first day of the month you shall also have a holy convocation you shall do no laborious work it will be to you a day for blowing trumpets you shall offer a burnt offering as a soothing aroma to the LORD one bull,one ram, and seven male lambs one year old without defect also their grain offering fine flour mixed with oil three-tenths of an ephah for the bull two-tenths for the ram and one-tenth for each of the seven lambs offer one male goat for a sin offering to make atonement for you besides the burnt offering of the new moon and its grain offering and the continual burnt offering and its grain offering and their drink offerings according to their ordinance for a soothing aroma an offering by fire to the LORD today is a very special day in God’s calendar in the Hebrew calendar today is a day called Yom Teruah or another word for that is Rosh Hashanah which means the beginning of the year or the feast of trumpets is what it’s commonly known in English you may not be following the Hebrew calendar maybe you are and maybe you’re aware that today is the day of the feast of trumpets the next ten days in God’s calendar are days when His people seek Him regarding sin in their lives and it’s concluded by Yom Kippur ten days from now which is the day of atonement and of course that was fulfilled when Yeshua Ha Mashiach Jesus the Messiah died and made atonement as it were for our sin really He didn’t actually atone for it because atone means to cover what He actually did blasted it out of our lives and made our spirits pure complete transformation of the spirit when we’re born again when we enter into covenant with Him then the blood of Yeshua completely changes your spirit from death to life and that’s what we’re celebrating on the day of atonement is the cleansing from sin ten days from now but today is the day of the feast of trumpets the blowing of trumpets and traditionally in Jewish Synagogues 100 trumpets are blown this is the day that many scholars believe that Yeshua will return this may be the day of the return of Messiah will be in some year on the feast of trumpets I can’t guarantee it’ll be on that day but that’s probably the most likely day we read in 1 Thessalonians 4:16 I’m just going to make sure I get these scriptures right and 1 Corinthians 15:52 talk about the last trumpet and the sound of the trumpet when the Lord will descend and return to the earth and this happens the last trumpet of course is the last trumpet blast it could commonly thought of on the day of the feast of trumpets this would be the most common day that we might expect the Lord to return would be on the feast of trumpets what Jewish people have traditionally done during this time for the next 10 days it’s called the high Holidays and Jewish people seek God for revelation of any sin in their lives any area that needs to be atoned for and of course they did that by blood sacrifices in the temple in olden times now there’s no temple so it’s not possible for them to do that in rejecting the blood of Messiah of course we understand that Jesus the Messiah fulfilled that it’s His blood that cleanses us and sets us free it’s not a bad thing during these next 10 days to seek God yourself intensely and say Lord, is there an area where I need to repent is here something that I’ve just sort of let go let slide that I really need to come strongly before you and repent have I allowed thoughts in my mind that shouldn’t be there Lord are there attitudes that are just not of you that need to be dealt with Father just do whatever you need to do during these next 10 days it’s a great time great season to just seek the Lord during these next 10 days today is Rosh Hashanah which is also that means the head of the year in Hebrew or the beginning of the Jewish new year this is a year of new beginnings or a day of new beginnings maybe there are some things that need to begin new in your life as well and God will do that I believe He’ll speak to you today about new beginnings things that need to be repented of things that we need to bring before Him on this feast of trumpet day feast of trumpets I encourage you to just press in to seek God Jewish people traditionally greet each other or the holiday greeting is I’m going to read it to make sure I try to say it correctly L’shanah Tovah tikativu and that means may you be inscribed in the book of life for a good year may you be inscribed for a good year and of course we know that that’s your name being inscribed in the Lamb’s book of life for this next year may your life be emanating from the book of life from eternal life that springs up in your spirit and that’s my prayer for you today that even as we begin a new Hebrew calendar year that your life would spring forth from the Lamb’s book of life that your name would be inscribed in the book of life and over the next 10 days just spend some time seeking God asking Him Lord is there anything that I need to repent of anything that needs to change in my life today God bless you you may not have even recognized that it was Rosh Hashanah or that it was the feast of trumpets but I believe that God is blowing trumpets in heaven celebrating what Yeshua has done that His blood was shed for us and one day on the last trumpet He will return to this earth so I want to greet you L’shanah Tovah Tikatevu may you be inscribed in the lamb’s book of life for a good year God bless you


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