Hosea 4:1

Truth, Mercy, and Knowledge of God Brings Blessing


Hosea 4:1 hear the word of the LORD you children of Israel for the LORD brings a charge against the inhabitants of the land there is no truth or mercy or knowledge of God in the land You know as I was seeking the LORD about this scripture God revealed to me that what brings prosperity in society are the 3 things that are listed here truth mercy and a knowledge of God and you know what I’ve found in our nation the United States of America where I’ve grown up and lived is that slowly bit by bit we have been abandoning these 3 things we’ve been abandoning the knowledge of God we’ve been abandoning truth and we’ve been abandoning mercy or kindness toward people people are becoming more and more intensely selfish and you know the crazy thing is the word of God is the ultimate foundation of truth this is where truth is found is in the Bible our nation here in the United States was founded on Biblical principles many other nations around the world were as well and what I find in our modern day is that bit by bit by bit society is abandoning truth things that used to be self evident things that used to be obvious where a five year old would say well of course are apparently not obvious to people in society today many many things are in confusion gender is in confusion in our society marriage is in confusion in our society handling of money and debt is in confusion in our society and people are abandoning truth and I found that this is even impacting God’s people there are pastors that are abandoning truth there are leaders in the body of Messiah abandoning truth abandoning the word of God and you know I wrote recently a paper on this because I just observed a very specific strategy that the enemy uses to unravel society a very specific strategy that the enemy uses to tear down the prosperity that’s been in a nation like the United States of America here, same thing is happening in Europe and Asia many countries around the world but the LORD showed me a very specific 12 step process that the enemy goes through and it has to do with initially removing from society the foundation of the written document for example here in the United States we’ve had a constitution since the founding of our nation and bit by bit by bit it seems like many leaders are wanting to eradicate or erode the value of the constitution or the efficacy of it and to abandon it to say well it’s not relevant today to violate it and in the church of course the foundational document is the word of God, the Bible and many many people actually believe experiences they believe circumstances above what the word of God says they’ll exult their own dreams their own experiences their own visions prophetic words that come to them above what the Bible says you know what I believe if there’s a conflict between a vision or a circumstance or prophetic word and the Bible I’m going to chose the Bible it’s the foundation it’s truth and I believe that we need to reestablish that I really encourage you to click the button just below this video and it’ll take you to a download of that article that I wrote 12 steps that the enemy leads people through any society this is true of a corporation this is true of a nation this is true of a church or a congregation any social group how does the enemy change values from truth and mercy and a knowledge of God to the opposite lies and injustice and no knowledge of God and godlessness I believe you’ll be shocked as you read the 12 steps you’ll see them happening right in some of our churches in our society right before your eyes what do we do about these things two things pray and embrace truth ourselves press into God and say God let me not be a person who’s devoid of truth who’s devoid of mercy toward others or the knowledge of God so the question is God is there an area of my life where I need to embrace truth where I’ve actually embraced standards opposite to your word or behavior opposite of the Bible Lord is there something that you want to speak to me about we always need to look at ourselves first and not be looking at other people that person did something wrong or there’s a difficulty there but always bring it to ourselves first God in what area do I need to embrace truth in what area do I need to embrace mercy and compassion toward someone who has sinned and God what area have I defaulted or gone away from the knowledge of God that will be the question today and I believe that this article will help you, that I wrote so I encourage you, please just click on the button right underneath the video here and it’ll take you to that link I believe God will bless you Father I just pray today that in our nation I know people from many nations are watching this in the nation in which every one of us live Father would you use us to again establish truth mercy and a knowledge of God and would you make those things foundational in our society and our nation again and especially in our congregations Father that we would be lovers of truth lovers of mercy and that we would be people who press in after you and have the knowledge of God in the mighty name of Yeshua I pray Amen


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