Deuteronomy 5:16

How to Live Long and Prosper


Deuteronomy 5:16 honor your father and your mother as the LORD your God has commanded you that your days may be prolonged and that it may go well with you on the land which the Lord your God gives you this is what’s called one of the ten commandments honor your father and mother but it’s actually descriptive not directive it’s not telling you to do something it’s telling you what happens when you do something it’s describing what happens when you honor your father and mother and this is an ancient paths type of principle what I mean by that this is like gravity it’s like saying if you jump off a cliff you will fall to the bottom that’s not telling you you should or shouldn’t do anything it’s just saying you’re going to create a lot of pain for yourself if you jump off cliffs this one says honor your father and mother two things will happen if you do that number one your days will be prolonged you’ll live longer by honoring your father and mother number two it’ll go well with you in your adult life in the land which the LORD your God gives you well what’s the opposite if you dishonor your father and mother you know what you did you just shortened your life number one and number two you ensured you ensured it will not go well with you in the land which the Lord your God gives you I can think of many many examples of that I’ve talked to so many people that have been in bondage to pornography been in bondage to drugs or to alcohol to sexual addictions many other types of addictions fornication all kinds of issues and I’ve asked them when did that start in your life and they will inevitably say in teenage years I’d say can you remember when many many times people can remember back to the day it was a day they made a decision in their heart to cut off a father or mother because of injustice maybe that father or mother treated them unfairly wounded them hurt them and they made a decision in their heart to dishonor father or mother and the problem with that is when you dishonor a father or mother in your heart you open yourself up for the enemy to bring destruction into your life people say well what am I supposed to do bless a father who was beating me or who was abusing me no, no what you’re supposed to do is separate identity from behavior so that you can grant a place of honor for a person who doesn’t deserve honor so that you can accept a person while rejecting their behavior that’s what forgiveness is about forgiveness is about learning how to accept a person but not necessarily accepting their behavior what does it mean to honor a father or mother it doesn’t mean you accept everything they do it doesn’t mean they do everything correctly it doesn’t even mean that you obey everything they do a father or mother may tell you to do something that violates your conscience that violates the word of God that’s wrong it doesn’t mean you do wrong to honor them no what it means is you retain an attitude in your heart of a special place of respect and value for that person David was a very has a very good scriptural example of doing that toward King Saul he lived in the palace with King Saul Saul became jealous of him and decided it was sworn mission to kill David he began throwing spears at David did David just remain in the palace? no David left the palace but did David ever dishonor Saul in his heart? he never did what does it mean David always kept a special place of respect and value in his heart toward Saul later on we read in the Bible there were two times when God gave David opportunity to kill Saul and nobody would have known Saul was delivered right into his hands and David’s own men said why didn’t you kill him and David said far be it for me to touch the Lord’s anointed far be it for me to kill the man that is in God’s hands I leave him in God’s hands I grant him a special place of respect and honor they said Yeah but he’s been trying to kill you for over a decade David said no it doesn’t matter I’m not moved by injustice I allow God… I forgive the man and I have chosen to grant a place of respect and honor in my heart toward a man who doesn’t deserve honor and respect that’s what this scripture is talking about for father and mother I’ve seen many cycles of dishonor where adult parents have so much trouble with disrespect and dishonor from their teenage children and when I ask them so what was your relationship with your parents like when you were a teenager ohh I was rebellious I was disrespectful well isn’t it amazing that the cycle repeats and many people have never repented of the dishonor in their heart toward their own father and mother here’s the principle if you were abused or you were wounded or you were treated with injustice it doesn’t give you a right to dishonor your father or mother you may need to flee in a sense or report the abuse to an authority and I would suggest a pastor would be the first line of defense and then civil authorities many of our nations there are laws against abuse and that’s not dishonoring but you’re retaining a respect and a value in your heart toward a father or a mother that is independent of their behavior my question to you today would be this have you had a place of respect and honor for your father and mother in your heart they might have already passed away if you’re finding you know I really haven’t I didn’t honor my father I didn’t honor my mother today would be a great day to repent to ask God to forgive you and to choose to grant a place of respect and a place of value in your heart for your father for your mother or if they’re passed away for the memory of your father and your mother and to repent before God I’d just encourage you to do that to come before the Lord and I’ll just lead you as a matter of fact if you’d like to pray if you recognize, no I didn’t honor my father or mother let’s just pray this Father God I recognize that fact I did not honor my father or mother Lord that was wrong and today I repent I ask you to forgive me and I choose to grant a place in my heart of respect and a place of value for my father for my mother I choose today to let the blood of Yeshua Messiah be enough to pay for everything my father or mother did wrong and because of that I forgive my father I forgive my mother and I choose this day to honor my father to honor my mother in the name of Yeshua that’s such a powerful thing I pray today starting today there would be a cycle of honor in your life a cycle of blessing to your children and grandchildren if you have children and grandchildren that today would start a new cycle of honor in your family and break the cycle of dishonor and it’s my prayer for you that as you honor your parents you would live long and you would prosper in the land which the Lord your God has given you Amen


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