1 Peter 2:9-10

You Are a Holy People to the Lord


1 Peter 2:9-10 but you were a chosen race a royal priesthood a Holy nation a people for God’s own possession so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light for you once were not a people but now you are the people of God you had not received mercy but now you have received mercy this originally is quoting Deuteronomy 7:6 that talks about Israel being a Holy nation and there was a calling upon the nation of Israel to be Holy again I think most of the time we don’t understand that word when you use the word Holy most people think very very righteous very high moral standard but the word actually doesn’t mean that in Hebrew it’s the word Kadosh it means set aside separated or dedicated dedicated is really the best word so for us to be a Holy nation means we’re a dedicated nation now if you were to use the word dedicated here’s the obvious point dedicated needs an object if I say oh he’s dedicated what’s the obvious question? to what to whom? if I say dedicated to the devil or dedicated to God that’s completely different dedicated to his wife dedicated to money I need to know to what somebody is dedicated Holy just means dedicated so whenever I say Holy it’s a meaningless phrase unless I say unto what the only one who’s Holy unto Himself is God almighty He’s Holy unto Himself dedicated, set aside, separated unto Himself but all the rest of us if I say that man is Holy it means nothing it just means he’s dedicated so what this says is we are a Holy priesthood a royal priesthood a Holy nation what that means is we as believers grafted into the covenant of Israel with the house of Judah with the house of Israel by the blood of Jesus the Messiah what it means is we take the same calling upon ourselves as believers that was upon Israel which was to show forth His magnificence to show forth what it is when you’ve got a whole people that are dedicated, set aside to serving Him who have made Him first place in their lives when I first received the Lord it was way back in 1972 what I understood I was doing was giving Him 100% of my life I said Jesus you get everything you get the rest of my life if you want me to be married I’ll be married you want me to be single I’ll be single you want me to be a business man I’ll be a business man you want me to be a pastor I’ll be a pastor if you want me to live in America I’ll live here or Europe, or Africa or South America I’m willing to live anywhere, do anything my whole life belongs to you that’s what it means to be Holy unto Him dedicated unto Him one of the best examples I can think of of being Holy would be like an NFL quarterback here in the United States you’re thinking I don’t know if they’re too righteous, no many of them are not righteous you know what they are they’re Holy unto their sports team so if you have an NFL Quarterback that’s signed a contract with an NFL team do you know in his contract He limits himself to many things he cannot do probably and I don’t know what the contract says but I would guess if I were the owner of the team I would put some provision in the contract that says you cannot go skydiving you cannot go snow skiing why? because those are evil horrible things? no because if you’re the NFL star you’re the NFL Quarterback of our team we don’t want you breaking a leg or harming yourself in those activities so therefore you’ve got to agree to certain behavior because you’re dedicated to our team this is the same thing that happens to us as a royal priesthood a Holy nation when we come into covenant relationship with God almighty we agree to walk in certain standards of behavior that are outlined in the word of God why? because we’re to be different we’re to be not the same as everybody else common is the opposite of Holy and do you know the struggle that you see all through the Bible that Israel had they wanted to be like everybody else they said we want to have a king like everybody else we want to have the same customs as everybody else the problem is when you’re called to be dedicated set aside, Holy like if you are the NFL Quarterback under contract you don’t get to be like everybody else fans can do all kinds of things that the person under contract who’s dedicated as a Quarterback to that team cannot do and we need to understand that we’re not free to be common people no, we’re a holy nation dedicated unto Him 100% given over to Him that’s what it’s talking about here Israel was called to do that that same calling has come upon us we’re grafted into that covenant to be 100% dedicated to Him since the day I received the Lord and I said I dedicate myself to you it’s been my desire every day of my life to do nothing that displeases Him to do everything that would be pleasing and honoring to Him in every area of my life that’s what it means to be a royal priesthood a Holy nation so there’s certain restrictions that I voluntarily accept in my life but certain privileges that I have as a royal priesthood that other people don’t have and that’s what Peter is talking about here that our goal is to proclaim the excellencies of Him who called us out of darkness into His kingdom that ought to… if that doesn’t light your fire your wood is all wet I mean that ought to excite you to grab hold and understand what we have been called to that we are a royal priesthood a Holy nation dedicated called into marvelous light walking with Him showing forth His miracles walking in His supernatural signs and wonders on a regular basis that’s the calling of a Holy nation Royal priesthood and that’s what God has called us to I just pray that today you would walk in your royal priesthood you would walk in the Holiness of your calling set aside, separated is there an area where there’s something in your heart that wants to be like the other people around you? you know I just encourage you repent and say God no I’m not called to be like other people I’m called to be dedicated set aside, separated special unto You I want to walk where You’ve called me to walk that’s my prayer for you today to walk as part of a royal priesthood a Holy nation


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