Deuteronomy 9:1-3

God Will Go Before You as a Consuming Fire


Deuteronomy 9:1-3 hear O Israel you’re crossing over the Jordan today to go into dispossess nations greater and mightier than you great cities fortified to heaven a great people and tall the sons of the Anakim whom you know of and whom you have heard it said who can stand before the sons of Anak know therefore today that it is the Lord your God who crosses over before you as a consuming fire He will destroy them and He will subdue them before you so that you may drive them out and destroy them quickly just as the Lord has spoken to you man what an awesome promise God gave to Israel He said You’re going to go into the land and yeah you may feel like grasshoppers in the sight of these huge people you’re going to see the sons of Anak those are giants those are the people that are you know like 3, 4 meters tall 10, 12 feet tall like Goliath was when David and Saul met him several generations later God said don’t even worry about it because I will go before you like a consuming fire and I will drive them out your job is just show up and collect miracles You know I think David had a revelation of that scripture in his heart he had already tested out the word of God on lions and bears that came to attack his father’s sheep and he had killed them really I believe by the word of God I believe he could have spit at those animals it would have killed them I believe he could have spit at not killed him but killed the animals he could have spit at Goliath and it would have killed him the reason was David understood this principle that when God gives a covenant promise it is 100% certain when you read the promises that are given in the word of God you can count on them being 100% certain people ask the obvious question why is it there are many things that God has said that don’t come to pass in my life or in the lives of other people there are a lot of reasons for that we keep discovering more and more of them but the picture God gave me is that God’s word is like power coming out of a battery and many times the devil can’t stop the power from coming out of the battery in your car he just corrodes the inside of the cable ring that touches the terminal and if there is a lot of corrosion on the inside of that cable ring so that it doesn’t come in contact with the power coming out of the battery it doesn’t matter how much power comes out of the battery no power gets to the starter on the other side most people’s conclusion when they turn the key and nothing happens is the battery is dead where is in reality no there’s just corrosion between the cable ring and the power coming out of the terminal our own hearts our own souls are like that cable ring that needs to come into contact with the promises of God God’s power is available because of His word God gave this awesome word to Israel who should have killed Goliath? well obviously the leader of the nation the King, Saul why didn’t he? because he had too much corrosion around his cable ring couldn’t access the power couldn’t access the promise couldn’t believe that God would go before him like a consuming fire and you know what happened? there had to be a 15 year old shepherd who had never even been in battle never been trained for war had no military training had to come and implement the word of God for a simple reason he had no corrosion in the system he was able to grab hold of this promise that God had given that any Israelite man any circumcised man could have implemented David did it because he had no corrosion around the cable ring no corrosion in his soul he was able to grab hold of what God said here’s the point what promises has God given you there are many in his word healing salvation provision are just 3 that come to my mind immediately God has said things about your marriage God may have given you words about your children that have not yet been fulfilled and we need to grab hold of those things and by faith pull on them in the spirit to see manifestation of what God has said our job just like I said was the job of the Israelites is to show up and collect miracles not to figure out in our own human understanding how can I fix this how can I do that how can I manipulate the situation no what has God said so I can grab hold of it and implement it and I believe that this word that God gave to the Israelites is for you today here’s what He says I will go before you like a consuming fire yes as you go to work today you will encounter giants as you go to school today you will encounter giants as you are at home or you’re out shopping whatever you’re doing today yes you will encounter giants you will encounter obstacles but God says I will go before you like a consuming fire and I will defeat everything that opposes my kingdom and if you’ll walk in my kingdom today and you’ll just go where I show you to go believe what I’ve told you and what I’ve said in my word you will be like David you will simply show up and collect miracles I believe that’s God’s word for you today Today as you go through your life your job to find out what God has said to allow him to go before you like a consuming fire and your job is to show up and collect miracles Amen


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